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Crystallized Heart Fanfiction
This site will contain f/f slash, meaning the stories here will feature love between two women. If that offends you in any way, then please leave now.
What is a fanfiction site, that doesn't contain fanfiction? It's nothing. And for that I have finally decided to put some work into this little page of mine.
This archive will be mainly a femslash archive. But if you ask me, and if I like the story, I'll also post other 'ships.
I, myself, have written a few fics, but I just started to write about a month ago and am not in any way compareable to your favorite author, or at least I assume that is so. But I will continue to write and every now and then even manage to bring out a story *g*.
But this site, and all the pages on it, are, at least for the moment, for you and all other great authors out there. I will start running through my mails, those from the mailing lists I'm on, and check out every fic I can find and ask the author if I can archive it here.
I also accept submissions. Just send me any fic you think I should archive here to this adress and I'll take my time to go through them.
If you want to send me any fic, then please first read the guidelines.
Archived fics:
Important note: I haven't yet put up the spoiler warnings for the fics, I'll do that with one of the next updates. For now, you have to expect complete season 4 spoilers. Sorry.
Buffy and WillowThis is all about the possible relationship between the Slayer and her best friend.Updated
Willow and TaraWe all know that this couple is canon by now. But that doesn't mean that fanfiction will stop. Come here to read all the wonderful stories, featuring these two witches.I'm still workin' on it
Buffy and FaithThe probably hottest couple in the Buffyverse. See what can happen if these two Slayers learn to love... each other.Updated
All other pairingsAt the moment, this page will contain stories with other pairings than above and stories without a specific pairing. As soon as I get enough stories from one specific couple, I'll add a new page.Updated
SeriesThis will contain all series I archive here, regardless of a specific pairing. If the series play around multiple couples, then it is best to look here. But keep in mind, this is only for series. Long stories that are posted in chapters aren't counted as such and are on their respective pairings page.Updated
Fanfiction SitemapI know that it is sometimes easier to look for a story in a long list, instead of running through half a dozen pages to find the right one. So for all of you who think this is their way, this page will contain all stories in my archive, sorted by author, and put together into a group, if it is part of a series.Updated
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