Submission Guidelines!
First of all, I cannot archive and, for now, will not accept any NC-17 fics! This is not a desicion of me, but part of the RedRival politc. No adult content is allowed here and until I finish my site on tripod, I will not be able to archive them. Sorry.
Currently only fics are archived that are rated G to R.
All submitted fics have to include: Story Title, Author name, E-mail, Rating, main Pairing(s), Spoiler warnings, a short Summary/Teaser, and a Disclaimer. And if they are part of a series, then the name of the prequel.
All submissions that don't contain these things will not be accepted. Also, all submissions are free to be rejected by me, whereby no reason has to be given.
Submission format: preferred are Word Doc or HTML. If you don't have Word and can't program HTML, then send it to me in plain text, and I'll do the formatting.
I will accept all and any fanfics with these pairings:
Buffy and Willow
Willow and Tara
Buffy and Faith
And, to say it short, in fact every other femslash pairing out of BtVS or Angel.
Original characters as part of the pairing are welcome.
I will also accept good stories from other ships if you politely ask me to do so and if I find the time to read them.
But keep in mind, I will (for now) only archive fanfiction I have read, so any fic you send me I haven't yet read will take some time before it's up.
No m/m slash. It is my free decision to archive any fanfiction I want here, and I don't want such kind. This isn't against any of the authors out there, I simply am not interested in reading them. And I don't archive any fics I wouldn't read myself.
Only exception: The m/m pairing is minor part of a story and the story itself is good.
If you have any questions about the guidelines, or if you think th