Slain Love?
Was it really just an accident that Buffy died in the Master's lair? Or was it part of a higher power, to bring these two together.
Let us see what happens, when two Slayers, something that has never occured before, meet each other, equal in their strength, and find out that they share more than just a destiny.
Join me in the world of The Chosen Two.

Erin Heart to Heart Buffy visits Faith in prison, and they end up having their idea of a "sensitive chat".New in the archivePG-13

Delicate Cruelty
(Chapters 1-4)
A sadistic vampire's plan for domination forces Buffy and Faith to join forces.New in the archiveR

Redemption Series
Redemption ch 1-3
ch 4-6
Faith tries to run away, and comes to realize how much more there is for her in Sunnydale than she thought.New in the archiveR
The Faith Factor ch 1-3
ch 4-6
ch 7-9
Faith faces the challenge of staying true to her newfound friends and newfound love. (Note, second pairing W/T)New in the archiveR

More stories to come.
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