Other Pairings
What happens, if I add a new couple, that doesn't have it's own page yet?
It lands here, on the page of lost souls. Here I'll archive all pairings that have less than 3 stories in my archive, or those without a specific pairing.
Join me in the world of Different People.

Shadowlander Der Weidedämon
(W/F/S; chapters 1-4)
Rayne is back and he’s kidnapped Willow to do a spell, now there’s a twist. Only Spike objects to Willow being used in a sacrifice and does something about it…and, oh yeah, somewhere along the way Willow becomes a demon. Well sort of...oh just read it? Also the title "Der Weidedämon" is German for "The Willow Demon" – so I originally wrote it in German sue me. *rotfl*New Part addedPG-17

More stories to come.
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