Best friends... or more?
Imagine what happens, when two best friends find out that they mean much more to each other than they thought.
Here you will find the wonderful fanfiction built around the Slayer and her Hacker, fanfiction that plays with the possiblility of them as lovers.
Join me in the world of True Friendship and More.

Erin The longest Night Willow tries to deal with meeting her vampiric double.New in the archivePG

Some kind of Angel Buffy and Willow spend Valentine's Day together, and Willow discovers that Buffy's been keeping secrets.New in the archivePG

The Wolf Within P-3 4-6
7-9 10-12
13-15 16-19
As Willow discovers that werewolves are more than what she thought, she has to face a new truth about herself. A truth that could tear her life apart. Or help her save a dear friend.New in the archivePG-13

Spirit's Flame Series
Just a Day in the Life Buffy has more trouble than she can handle, between dealing with Riley, her feelings for Willow, and a rogue Warlock who is out on a power grab.New in the archivePG
Aftershocks Buffy and Willow try to deal with the stress of their relationship, Coming Out to friends, and of course, Valentine's Day.New in the archivePG
Spirit's Flame Willow has a surprise in store for her, as her encounter with the Goddess leaves lasting effects.New in the archivePG-13

Kimber Any given Night It starts out as a girls night but ends up being a whole lot more. See what happens when Buffy and Willow can't fight their feelings for one another anymore.New in the archivePG

At loose Ends After a last fight against vampires, Willow has to deal with Buffy ignoring her.New in the archiveG

Making Up(Out) I think Riley is a big meat head for pushing Willow during "Goodbye, Iowa". Buffy and Willow have a chat, Riley gets what I think he deserves and so does our favorite hacker and Slayer. Just assume Riley never got skewered and went to the hospital.New in the archivePG

Inside Out Loud Willow casts a spell that asks for the truth. She gets a whole lot more.New in the archivePG

Someday Willow reflects on her relationship with Buffy.New in the archiveG

Note: The following stories are for a reason in this order. I won't tell why, but as soon as you have read through to the end of The Road Series, you'll know what I meant. All stories are independant from each other, except for the series of course, so you can, if you want to, just start reading whereever you want, but I recommend you to read them in this order.

Rumor Series
Many Facets Rumors abound on the UCS campus. How will Buffy and Willow handle their peer's thoughts on just what kind of relationship they have behind closed doors?New in the archivePG
Enough of Me Winter break isn't all it's cracked up to be. A prophesy, a wizard, and a matriarch set the scene, and a love that's almost brand new is pushed to the limits.
Is in the next update.
To ComePG

Moonlight, Moonbright Willow has a talk with Tara about Buffy and Tara takes matters into her own hands.
Is in the next update.
To ComePG

No Regrets A chance encounter in a chat room sets the stage for two people not so ready to face the feelings they have.
Is in the next update.
To ComePG

Back Home Again Buffy and Willow have some issues. Can a slayer's love heal wounds that go deeper than the skin? I think Willow has a little surprise for can.
Is in the next update.
To ComeG

The Road Series Join Buffy and Willow on an adventure that you'll never believe until you read it.
The Road to Recovery Willow has issues to deal with after she's been attacked during her first year at Oxford. Buffy's feeling lost and Xander's got his own agenda.
Note: This is a Willow/Cordelia story, but belongs into the series.
Is in the next update.
To Come
The Road to Self Discovery This one is set a few years after Buffy and Willow graduate college. Willow and Buffy haven't seen each other in three years and, ugh, there's a prophesy involved.
Is in the next update.
To Come
The Road to Hell Journal Entries of Alexander LaVelle Harris.
Is in the next update.
To Come
The Rocky Road Xander has some explaining to do. Why has he been hanging out with a wacky vampire?
Is in the next update.
To Come

Kirayoshi Dying Light SeriesTimeline diverges after Hush
The Dying of the Light ch 1-2
ch 3-4
ch 5-6
ch 7-Ep
One year into the future, the Hellmouth is wide open and the vampires have taken over the Earth. A maimed Buffy travels back through time to stop the unholy bargain which was responsible for her world's destruction, and help her younger self face the truth about her feelings for Willow.CompletedPG-13
I'll stand by You Buffy stands by her beloved when Willow confronts her parents about her alternative lifestyle (and I don't just mean her loving Buffy).CompletedPG
Somewhere I have never Travelled
(Book 1)
ch 1-2
ch 3-4
ch 5
One year ago, Buffy sacrificed her life to close the Hellmouth once and for all. Now, a new slayer has arrived, a new evil is awake and Willow and the rest of the Scoobs have one opportunity to rescue Buffy from Hell.
Set one and a half years after Dying of the Light.
Tryptich Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
This is more of an Interlude to Somewhere I have never Travelled. Summaries to the single parts are inside.New in the archivePG

Charmed Lives SeriesCrossover with Charmed
Together again for the First Time Willow returns to Sunnydale for her class reunion, eight years after a cruel betrayal tore out her heart. Can an old friend help her heal at last?CompletedPG-13
Ghost of a Chance Willow faces the ghosts of her past. Can even the Power of Three save her and Buffy from a vengeful spirit?CompletedPG-13

Funeral for a Friend Set five years after Season Four; a final message from a friend changes Buffy's relationship with Willow.CompletedPG-13

Planet of Darkness
(chapters 1-2)
A Jedi Knight and a Correlian scoundrel discover their shared destiny on a planet suffused with the Dark Side of the Force. Über-BuffyStory in progressPG-13

Shadowlander Stormchaser ch 1-5
ch 6-11
ch 12-13
Vampires aren't the only "Children of the Night" to call Sunnydale home, and its about time they're reminded of that little fact.Story in progressPG-17

Tiger by the Tail
(chapters Pro-3)
Four years after being kidnapped Willow returns home and nothing will ever be the same again.Story in progressPG-17

Reality Shift Series Alternate Universe type stuff, Faith is the slayer who killed the Master and Buffy is just a simple musician...yeah right! Everything else is a product of my rather unusual imagination.
Afthernoon at the BronzeThe group gathers at the Bronze, when something unforseen happens.CompletedPG-13
A Night in the LibraryWillow spends some quality time with her significant other during that time of the month.CompletedPG
Late Night in the CemeteryBuffy and Willow encounter a group of vampires on their sweep, when they recieve unexpected help.CompletedPG

Legacy Series(Buffy/Willow/Dru)
Forgotten SlayerA Slayer from the past returns to settle an old score and reclaim something that belongs to her.New in the archivePG
Lies, Secrets, and the CouncilThe Council has done a lot to prevent it, but now three Slayers meet, and it will not be for the best of the Council.New in the archivePG-17

Shyfox Sappho's Spell Series
Sappho's Spell Buffy is exercising in her dorm room, when an ancient spell, accidentally and unknowingly cast by Willow, leads to unforseen events.New in the archiveR
Side Effects Not all effects of the spell are visible in the first place. Now Willow is going to find out what else has happened.New in the archivePG-13
Telling Giles After the first reactions, it is time to tell Giles about the happenings, and to ask for his support.New in the archivePG
Lucky Ones A visit to Willow's doctor and a date at Mario's, aren't the only highlights of this day.New in the archiveNC-17
Papa don't Preach They have the support of Giles, but now they have to face their parents and tell them about the events.New in the archivePG-13
Talking in your Sleep Xander has problems at home and comes to Buffy and Willow for help, when Willow gets a little loud in her sleep.New in the archivePG
Moving Day! It's time to move into a new home for our soon to be parents. But things become a little hairy during packing.New in the archivePG-15
Teach your Children well A friendly conversation between a mother and a mother-to-be. Minimal angst, maximum WAFFs and your daily recommended requirement of chocolaty goodness.
This part has been written by Kirayoshi.
New in the archivePG
Unexpected Surprises During the preparations for christmas, an old friend decides to show up.New in the archiveR
Christmas In Your Heart It's christmas, time to exchange the presents. But not all of them are under the tree.New in the archivePG
Guess who's coming for Dinner Willow's parents seem to finally want to talk to their daughter again and invite her for dinner. But not all is as it seems.New in the archivePG-13
Psych Ward Blues Is in the next update.To Come

More stories to come.
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