A pair of witches
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Willow and Tara Collage
1. Articles
Vampiros lesbos By Donna Minkowitz, located on Salon.com, posted on 12th Jan 2000
Buffy Copying Ally? Located on Mr. Showbiz News, contains furthermore info about ER, posted 1st Feb 2000
When the Wolf's Away, Willow Will Play Located on IGN.com, posted on 1st Feb 2000
Kiss Each Other Girls, The Ratings Are Down By Don Kaplan, located on New York Post Online, posted on 28th Jan 2000
Not That There's Anything Wrong With That By Frank Lovece, located on Gist.com, review of NMR
'Buffy' Character Follows Her Bliss By David Bianculli, located on New York Daily News Online, posted on 2nd May 2000, review of NMR
Buffy Love Is Discrete Located on SciFi.com, posted on 9th May 2000
Buffy Creator Titillates the Audience By Michael Ausiello, located on Raven's Realm, posted in the TB Guide Online on 8th May 2000
'Buffy' Lauded for Gay Character By Mike McDaniel, Houston Chronicle, article from 18th May 2000, located in the WillTara archive by Robin Miller, posted on 20th May 2000. You have to be a member of the willtara eGroups list to view this.
Will Power Alyson interview in "Cult Times" #58 (July, 2000) discussing the Willow/Tara relationship, located on Redsun's Willow/Tara website
Will Power Another copy of this article, posted to willtara by Mary-Jane Roebuck. You have to be a member of the willtara eGroups list to view this.
Will Power Exerpts from this article at the "Cult Times" website
2. E-mail lists
eGroups: Member change
willtara Founded 30th Jan 2000, 670 members as of 22nd August (recommended list for Willow/Tara) (+54 since 27th June)
Willow_Tara Founded 1st Mar 2000, 96 members as of 22nd August (+9 since 27th June)
WillowTara Founded 12th Feb 2000, 58 members as of 22nd August (+3 since 27th June)
willtarasocial Founded 1st June 2000 to take completely OT posts off the willtara group. A place where Willow/Tara fans can come to freely discuss anything in a social setting. 50 members as of 22nd August (+2 since 27th June)
IAmYouKnow Founded 8th May 2000, 46 members as of 22nd August (+16 since 27th June)
tarawillow2 Founded 9th Apr 2000, 36 members as of 22nd August (+3 since 27th June)
WillTaraFicCheerleaders Founded 14th June 2000, 11 members as of 22nd August (+0 since 27th June)
Yahoo! Clubs:
WillTara Social arm and main chat room for the eGroups list 'willtara', founded 8th May 2000, 97 members as of 22nd August.
This club is UNLISTED and for that new membership is only achievable through invitation of a member. For that, please contact Xita, the club owner.
(+15 since 27th June)
Willow and Tara Founded 2nd May 2000, 75 members as of 22nd August (+7 since 27th June)
Luv'n WillowTara Founded 26th Apr 2000, 33 members as of 22nd August (+2 since 27th June)
A Willow and Tara Moment Founded 14th Mar 2000, 31 members as of 22nd August (+4 since 27th June)
3. Fan FictionSee also fanfic categories under Alyson Hannigan and BtVS general.
Mailing lists (eGroups):These are only Fanfic specific lists. Take a look at the eGroups above to find more.
willowtarafanficstation Founded 13th Apr 2000, 129 members as of 22nd August (+9 since 27th June)
wtcollective A list for collective Willow/Tara fanfiction, founded 22nd May 2000, 66 members as of 22nd August (+12 since 27th June)
willowtarafanfic Founded 23rd June 2000, 5 members as of 22nd August (+2 since 27th June)
Wiccan Ways Archives any W/T related Fanfiction from either the willtara list, submission or other sources. As far as I have seen this is the largest W/T spcific archive, it's very good sorted out, and a must visit if you're looking for W/T fanfiction.
Between the Sheets Gary's Fanfiction page. Has also other pairings. This is the List by Pairings page. Select Willow/Tara or Tara/Willow (doesn't matter). Currently (22nd August) 12 pages with 112 stories listed with this option.
Exquisite Coalescence Fanfiction archive of Kimber and Jen. This is the Willow/Tara page.
Roses and Synchronity the Fanfiction page of this site (see Shrines for the main site)
Lady Slash Links to sites, similar to Yahoo! Directory listing. Currently only one site linked (Wonko's old page), with one W/T fic on it.
The Willow 'Shippers Resource Center A few W/T fics. There are more fics on this page, but for that look in the general Willow fanfic section
Random Convergence This page containes at the moment only 1 fic, but that one is W/T.
eGroups Willtara Folder Fanfic collected in the files section of the willtara list (9 fics so far). You have to be a member of the willtara eGroups list to view this.
Semnae's W/T fanfic site This page is just set up and shall contain a lot of Willow/Tara fanfiction. Semnae set it up to promote for submissions. Currently (18th June) there are no fics archived.
Loving Witches This is the Willow/Tara fanfic page of my humble site and is actually just up to let you know how it'll look when it's finished. Please be patient with me, I'm working as fast as I can. UNDER CONSTRUCTION. I can although promise that with the next update I'll get it out of the construction status and will have at least two stories in them. J
4. ImagesSee also image collections in Amber Benson and general BtVS sections.
Alyson Hannigan Corner Located on Deaddogparty.com. Many screenshots (episode-by-episode, and also W/T group). See also Alyson Hannigan Shrines.
Restless Screencaps By Kimber, located on her website.
Sunnydale High School Season 4 Video clips.
Sunnydale High School Season 4 screencaps.
5. Links
Sonja Marie's Links Willow Tara links. 12 links listed as of 22nd August. See general BtVS section for main link
6. Messageboards
The Kitten, The Witches and The Bad Wardrobe Established by Xita and Zelda on the 28th June 2000 on InsideTheWeb, in the meanwhile moved. This is another place to share your opinions about Willow and Tara, and personally I suggest you visit it, just because Xita and Zelda put so much work into what they do ;-)
7. Miscellaneous
"Willow's Secret" A W/T music video in progress by Alnisa Allgood, viewable on Dysfunctional Television (her site). This is a Quicktime Movie.
"Willow's Secret": Download Page where the current version of the above clip is ready for download, set up by Anneke for those who want to save this video.
Tara's Willow Cafe A page with photos of an actual cafe in Menlo Park, CA. This cafe is running for a while now and has nothing to do with BtVS.
NoMoreTara This is an anti-W/T eGroup, founded on the 25th May and has so far (22nd August) 14 members.
Joss' and Amber's posts Wolliw's compilation of their posts on May 4th at the Bronze, responding to the negative reaction to NMR. You have to be a member of the willtara eGroups list to view this.
The Bronze Powder Pool This site features a compilation of theories why Tara hid the powder in the demon locating spell in the ep. "The Initiative". Definitely a check out worth.
"Kitten Run" Inspired by a "make a fictious movie poster, using BtVS characters" contest, this picture is the result of Little Willow's effort.
Joss' post in the Bronze VIP Archive This is Joss' statement on the W/T ice-cream truck scene in Restless. It's in the last quater of the page, so you have to scroll down
8. Shrines
Roses and Synchronicity Main site for the willtara eGroups list, set up by Tiki. No updates lately.
Willow and Tara Forever Site up and it looks good. Still under construction, but check out the Art Gallery. You'll just love her pics. (also go.to/WillowTara)
Miss Kitty's House By Primavera. Provides some fanart, a few screencaps, and a few links.
Willow/Tara Set up and run by Redsun. Good site layout, although the text color could have been chosen better. Uses a copy of my W/T links on his page. Furthermore you'll also find quite a few W/T images here.
The Extra Flamey Candle I found to like this site. It uses frames and produces a few errors in the frame windows with IE5.5, but they didn't seem to have any noticable effect. Check this one out, it's definitely worth the time.
Radical Faeries Under construction as of 22nd August, and will probably stay like this for a while. Up to now it only provides a few links to other pages, all which can be found here too.
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