Amber Benson
1. Articles
The Essence of Amber Collection of articles, compiled by Little Willow.
Stain and Varnish Two articles (see also Particular Interviews) and 4 days of posts from the Bronze with what Amber says set up by Adrienne. Furthermore 12 links to other offsite articles.
Feature Writers - Heroines on Sci-Fi T.V. Syringes, Christopher Durang and Poetic Villains, Oh My! - Part 1; an interview of Jeff Ricketts on (mentions his work with Amber; 01 July 2000)
Feature Writers - Heroines on Sci-Fi T.V. Syringes, Christopher Durang and Poetic Villains, Oh My! - Part 2; an interview of Jeff Ricketts on (mentions his work with Amber; 15 July 2000)
Weighing in on Buffy's (not so) Big Girl Article by Sierra Fulucci located on 19th May 2000.
2. E-mail lists
eGroups: Member change
TarasCoven Founded 26th Feb 2000, 135 members as of 30th August (+21 since 27th June)
AmberBenson Founded 21st Feb 2000, 47 members as of 30th August (+7 since 27th June)
AmberBensonIsAGoddess Founded 8th June 2000, 21 members as of 30th August (+3 since 27th June)
AmberRocks Founded 9th May 2000, sadly this groups is no more.
Yahoo! Clubs:
Amber Benson Founded 19th May 2000, 33 members as of 30th August (+9 since 27th June)
3. Fan Clubs
Amber is a Hottie Club This one is set up and run by Laine, 43 members as of 30th August (+2 since 27th June)
Amber is a Hottie Campaign Simple list of members who like/adore/love AB and want to show their support by joining. Acknowledged in Sara Kuhn's Wiccan Woman interview. Set up and run by Anya Caulfield , 237 members as of 30th August (+15 since 27th June)
Tara Keepers Keepership site of Tara, run by Ripe Wicked Plum
The Cult of Amber Site is very good looking, Set up by Recon and Adrienne, 88 members as of 30th August. Definately a check worth. (+7 since 27th June)
The We Love Amber Benson Association 18 members as of 30th August. Site looks good and acts also as graphics-exchange for webmasters. (new in the listing)
TNT The Totally Natural Tara fanclub, set up and run by Icelord and co-run by Little Willow is the longest running Tara fanclub. 245 members as of 30th August. (+41 since 27th June)
TNT Little Willow's TNT page, located on The Essence of Amber.
4. Filmography
a. General Information
Internet Movie Database Amber Benson
Absolutely Amber Collected film biographics. The link is disabled for the time being, because the page isn't available anymore. If you still want to view the page, go to the Shrines.
Stain and Varnish Amber's Filmography on Adrienne's site.
The Essense of Amber Filmography of Amber Benson on Little Willow's site.
b. Particular Films
The Prime Gig Official site, film still in work, to be released probably January 2001, located on Independent Pictures
The Prime Gig Preview on
Hollywood, PA 2000, official site
Deadtime 1999. Full video available for web viewing (media stream). About half an hour.
Promised Land Series. Amber starred in the episode "Out of Bounds" (1998)
Take It Easy This is the official site. The movie is so far in post-production (1998) and they are seeking donations (unreleased).
Can't Hardly Wait Official Site, 1998. Amber Benson played a stoned girl, Stephanie, in this film but all her scenes were deleted and she stayed uncredited.
Don's Plum UPDATE: Located on the Essense of Amber. The film itself is still un-released, and won't be shown in the US or in Canada. Further info in here.
Don's Plum Unofficial fanpage, 1998.
Don's Plum Unofficial information site
Bye Bye Love Production Notes. This is the info about Amber Benson. (1995)
King of the Hill 1993. Review at Scott Renshaw's Screening Room
King of the Hill Review of this movie on an Elizabeth McGovern fansite.
King of the Hill 15th Annual Youth in Film Awards (1992-1993). Amber Benson has been nominated for Best Youth Actress Co-Starring In A Motion Picture Drama
5. ImagesSee also collections in the Shrines and the Fan Clubs.
Tara Galleries:
And You Thought YOU were Obsessed With Buffy 10 pics so far.
Sunnydale High 15 pics so far.
The Buffy Cross & Stake Photos are in the 'Other Cast Photos' section. Tara herself has still no own page. 4 pics so far.
Raven's Realm 3 pics so far.
Demon Girl, Interrupted Article on from the 13th April 2000. Has a photo of Amber with Emma
Comic-Con Xita tells of her time there and posted 3 photos of Amber and Emma from this event in LA on the 2nd July
Lisa Rossi's photos and images A selection of 5 imgages taken from diverse other places and compiled into this Yahoo! Photo Album.
Amber Benson:
The Crush 6 pics so far.
6. Interviews and chats
a. CollectionsSee also Articles category.
Bronze VIP Posting Board Archive This site saves and compiles all posts from VIPs on the Bronze.
Amber Says Amber's posts from the Bronze, collected at The Essense of Amber
b. Particular interviews
Girl Talk with Tara and Anya Interview by Sarah Kuhn from the 25th July 2000, located on
Birmingham Actress Casting a Spell on TV's Buffy By Scott Lockman, from Birmingham Weekly newspaper, reproduced on Adrienne's Stain and Varnish
Every Little Thing She Does Located on Adrienne's Stain and Varnish (recommended location).
Every Little Thing She Does Located on Absolutely Amber, taken from the Official Buffy the Vampire Slayer Magazine #8 (Summer 2000). Article by Matt Springer. (Link disabled, because the page isn't there at the moment)
Buffy Bonus: Amber Benson Interview with Sarah Kuhn at, from the 25th May 2000
Wiccan Woman Interview by Sarah Kuhn from the 24th May, located on
Amber Benson's Got Class Excerpt of one of her posts (4th May 2000), concerning the criticism of her
Tara's Turn Interview with Sarah Kuhn at, from the 9th March 2000
7. Links
Sonja Marie's Amber Benson Links 16 pages listed as of 30th August.
The Amber Allegiance Webring Set up by Icelord (TNT). Currently (30th August) 15 sites in this webring.
Yahoo! Amber Benson listings 2 Sites listed, the IMDb and The Essence of Amber.
Amber Benson Located on What ever this is, it is still in the very beginning. Only 3 links so far, 2 of them are to The third is IMDb.
8. Miscellaneous
Am I sensing a CONSPIRACY? Tara and Courtney (humor, unaccredited)
9. Shrines
The Essence of Amber By Little Willow
Stain and Varnish By Adrienne Hefter
Amazing Amber Formerly Always Amber (not the same as the one below). Moved and now on RavensRealm. First UK fansite of Amber Benson. Formerly Always Amber, now on own domain.
Amber Benson Centre Large site with a lot of information about AB. Domain adress: Site is redirected from there to the Geocities account.
T.A.K.E. Control Site is dedicated to Amber Benson (Tara), Emma Caulfield (Anya), and Elisabeth Rohm (Kate from A:tS).
Absolutely Amber The site has moved and is still in the build-up phase.
Amber Benson Online Very nicely designed but there is still too much missing.
The Women of Buffy Amber Benson
The Minors A site dedicated to all minor characters on Buffy. This is the Tara page
Tara's Home Still in the very beginning, and actually only being the main page and a page with an edited image from Jakk Frost and links to more of his work. Site under major construction.
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