The rest of the Links
1. Appeance information about upcoming BtVS eps, TV-shows and movies
The SlaygroundBy Little Willow. Good place to visit, like every other Slayground part. Not the largest one but the information here is selected and you don't get a lot of junk presented where you then have to find what you want yourself. Uses the Buffied font if you have it. If not, go to my download section.
BuffyGuide.comVery good site. Information is sorted by upcoming episodes, upcoming movies, weekly TV, and upcoming TV appearances. Recommended.
BuffyholismLarge archive, many informations, check out the links, this is only the top page.
Buffy WorldSite of FanofBtvs. General appearance informations. Not as large as the above two.
TV-now.comSarah Michelle Gellar TV Schedule, the current month.
TV-now.comAlyson Hannigan TV Schedule, the current month.
2. Articles and news
The Watcher's Web (UK)As far as I know and in my humble opinion, this is the best news site about BtVS and Angel on the web. Only thing is that some things (esp. older info)are hard to find. But I'm just an 19 year old boy ;-).
Raven's RealmVery large archive, seperated in Articles, News and Reviews, to mention the most important.
BuffyGuide.comGeneral news about BtVS and its actors. Good layout and easy to read.
The Watchers CouncilLarge site but not all glitches are fixed yet. And it is a little hard to find something specific.
The Watchers GuideGood site with selected information. Most of the news here are from other pages and have links to those.
The SlaygroundLarge articles collection about all of the more important characters and some of the crew of BtVS and Angel.
And You Thought YOU Were Obsessed With Buffy?General news about BtVS and its actors. Setup of this page makes it hard to find something specifical.
Buffy WorldGeneral news about BtVS and its actors. Much info, but at times hard to read. This site is run by FanofBtvs.
Another BtVS SiteArticles collection, 3 so far. This is an offsite link, and part of an older page. The site has, in the meanwhile, moved.
3. Episode InformationGuides, reviews, transcripts, etc.
    a. Summaries, Reviews and other opinions
And You Thought YOU Were Obsessed With Buffy?Episode guide is, up to season 3 ep Enemies, a simple copy of the one on the official site, with some additional info added. From then on, the summaries and reviews are from Nika Summers and Niki Bartl.
Blood TypeLittle Willow writes a weekly BtVS review column entitled Blood Type for in which she contributes her personal opinion to the show. Here is the archive; only season 4.
Blueshift StudiosThese are David Hines' reviews. Not all eps reviewed. Blueshift is a general site that also has other reviews, such as movies, other series or games. This is the direct link to the BtVS reviews (page intended for frames).
BuffyGuide.comIs probably the best place to look in first instance if you are looking for specific or just general info about a certain ep. The design is very good and intelligent built up.
Buffy Shooting Script SiteThis site has handcopied copies of most of the BtVS shooting scrips, and some drafts too. Not to be confused with 'transcripts', which are taken from what we see on TV. Some AtS scripts too.
Elusio's ElysiumIf you are looking for reviews, or just another opinion, then you're mostly lost here. All it has are 2! own reviews (1 BtVS and 1 Angel, both for the first eps of this years seasons) and the rest are offsite links, all to sites also listed here, mainly and LW Highfrights. The only difference is, EE has the links for every single ep.
Episode HighfrightsSlayground part. Little Willow lists 25 highlights of each episode and add additional commentary and analysis. This has it's similarities to the Nitpicker's Guide and is definately a check worth.
Heart of the SlayerA very prejudiced set of reviews of the season 4 eps. The order of them on this page isn't the best either, their set up alphabetically instead of by air-date. If you are interested in reading a review with all the positive and (partly very, even if shared by many people) negative comments, then visit, if not I'd suggest
Loey guide to BtVSLoey Lockerby's site. Teasers to all episodes and reviews to some of the eps of the first 3 seasons. Season 4 is complete. Those that have a review, also contain the personal opinion of Loey.
Mighty Big TVVery extensive reviews of season 4 eps and the first 3 eps of season 1.
Much Ado About BuffyAll reviews on this page are copies from the official site. The only new things here are the ratings they recieve and the memorable quotes they added in the season 1 ep reviews.
Nitpicker's Guide to BuffyThis is not a detail guide to the show, but a guide to the details of the show. Tidbits, glitches, or simply confusions are taken out and shown here. Some of them are simply stupid things that happened, other things are quite funny. Check it out.
Peripheral VisionsShort summaries and further analysis of season 3 and 4 episodes. Site design is simple, no additional graphics and very.. well, simple. If you are intersted in reading other opinions, then you should visit this site, otherwise I'd recommend other pages.
Raven's RealmAn extensive collection of reviews from all 4 seasons of BtVS and season 1 of Angel.
Sarah Kuhn's reviews at IGN.comHer personal opinion about the season finale and the other eps from season 4 and 3.
The Buffy Cross & StakeEpisode summaries to all eps.
The Buffy Cross & StakeTBC&S takes a slightly different way than most other sites when it comes to their reviews. They let the fans submit their opinion and they all go up to this page. Has episode, season and book reviews.
The Council of WatchersSite has a general overview of most of the episodes (but only 5 season 2 eps), categorized in a short recap of the events, the action, continuity, drama, humor, and romance. All in all, it is worth a visit if you aren't looking for a complete review of the eps.
The MortuaryOfficial Buffy site. Episode teasers to all of the eps and of upcoming ones, within a few weeks before they air, and reviews and trailers to the already shown eps. Updates sometimes slow.
The Sunnydate SlayersVery good and extensive reviews of all 4 seasons, except for The Harsh light of Day.
The Watchers CouncilThe episode guide here is simply a copy of the reviews from the official site. The interesting thing on this site are the Early Bird reviews. But due to the current update status of the site, older ones are not linked.
Yahoo! categoryBuffy The Vampire Slayer: Episode Guides. 12 links to sites and 1 link to another category (as of 25th June).
    b. Memorable Quotes
Episode quotes at Another BtVS Site
Episode quotes at Buffy Cross and Stake
Episode quotes at
Episode quotes at The Sunnydale Slayers
    c. Episode Transcripts
BuffyWorld.comSite by George Bischel and Tracy Vaughn, not by FanofBtvs. Except for the transcripts, everything is either linked to or taken from the official site. Tidbit from the site: Features counts of the slain vampires in every episode.
Transcripts--The Slayer Files
Transcripts--The Sunnydale Library
Transcripts--TransPagan (zipped download for each season)
Transcripts--The Illegal Transcript Site (through S3 Doppelgangland)
German-language transcripts
4. Fan Fiction
    a. BtVS-specific
(i) Webrings and Collections
Lore of the Slayer WebRingGeneral BtVS fanfic sites. Currently (27th June) 237 Pages in this webring.
Slayer Pride WebringMostly Buffy/Faith, but also other slash sites are listed. Currently (27th June) 22 Pages in this webring.
Unconventional relationships webringAs far as I could recognize, this is all about unconventional relationships, such as Buffy/Faith, Willow/Angel, just to mention two. Currently (27th June) 36 Pages in this webring.
Yahoo! ClubsBtVS Fan Fiction category. Currently (27th June) 33 pages listed.
eGroupsBtVS slash fanfic category. 39 groups listed as of 27th June.
eGroupsBtVs nonslash fanfic category. 103 groups listed as of 27th June. Also has links to the above listing and Willow centered fic listing.
(ii) eGroups
UCSLUC shipper list. Founded 5th Feb 1999, 521 members as of 27th June. Restricted membership.
SapphicSlayerf/f slash shipper list. Founded 5th Aug 1999, 424 members as of 27th June. Restricted membership
AnOddCoupleUC shipper list. Founded 23rd Mar 2000, 82 members as of 27th June.
HaveShip-willSlashGeneral slash list. Founded 4th May 2000, 76 members as of 27th June. Restricted membership.
BA_unique_shippersUC shipper list. Founded 27th Apr 2000, 64 members as of 27th June.
(ii) Particular sites
Exquisite CoalescenceSite run by Kimber and Jen. Archives stories around f/f slash, but, due to RedRival policy, no adult fics.
Gary's FanfictionLarge f/f slash archive. Has mostly Buffy/Willow and Willow/Tara fics. Currently (27th June) 226 stories archived.
SapphicSlayerThe archive of the Sapphic Slayer eGroups list.
Unconventional relationshipersLarge UC archive. All stories are in plain text.
CordySlashPart of Kate Bolin's
Kimber's KornerA while ago, before Exquite Coalescence has opened, Kimber archived all fics here. Now only her own can be found on this page. But they can also be found on EC, so I recommend you visit that one.
Cordybuff's fanficHas two stories, a Buffy/Cordelia and a Buffy/Faith, both in progress. Site hasn't been updated since Dec 1999, so no new parts of those stories yet.
The Slayer's Fanfic ArchiveVery large archive. No adult stories and, as far as I could see, no slash romance.
    b. General Slash and Fem Slash
The Pink Rabbit ConsortiumGood f/f slash site, no adult stories. The BtVS section is, after Xena, the second largest. Further parts: Art Gallery, The HOW'D THEY DO THAT ZONE, and a large Links section
The Kingdom of SlashHas both m/m as well as f/f slash. Currently (27th June) 145 different Fandoms (including BtVS and Angel) and 1610 stories
The Lady Slash SitePart of
Slash Fan Fiction WebringCurrently (27th June) 419 sites in this webring.
Rare Slash WebringCurrently (27th June) 69 sites in this webring.
Yahoo! BtVS Slash Fanfiction listings11 sites listed here.
5. General sites
Much Ado About Buffy the Vampire SlayerExcellent Site about BtVS. A must check out.
The Buffy Cross & StakeA very good information site. Has an extra spoiler forum, galleries and background info, and fanfiction. Is part of by AngelX.
Raven's RealmLocated on and always a good place to visit. News, background information, multimedia, here you'll find a lot of the things you miss on other sites, but not everything. Check it out and take your time. It is a large site :-)
Buffy World (the one by FanofBtvs)This is the one of FanofBtVS and is a very large and good designed site. Last update was on 23rd June but some parts have missed a few of them.
And You Thought YOU Were Obsessed With BtVSVery large site with a lot of information, galleries, behind the scenes, etc. Last update 25th June.
The SlaygroundWell, what to say? This is Little Willow's own little (or large) place in the BtVS and Angel fandom. Also one of the must check outs, because it has too much to be left out.
Slayme.comUnder re-construction as of 27th June, re-launch apparently in late June. The site is still up but there haven't been any updates since 25th May. Nevertheless one of the sites that has a lot to offer.
Another BtVS SiteLast update 25th June. Seems to be a good site. It has recently moved and not all is on the new place or has been moved again, so expect some offsite links.
ScoobyGang.comLast site update 16th Apr, last news update 27th Feb. Site is currently under re-construction and for that, new updates can take a while. Looks very promising, once they are finished. Check it out for a small overview.
BuffyUK.orgI can't really say much about this site, except that is looks good and that it has moved recently. It has a few things some other sites don't have, such as a store. This site is IMO only something for UK viewers who only recieve BtVS over BBC2.
Everything Philosophical on BtVSI think the title says all. I haven't checked out the shole site but it seems to be a very good one in this case.
Elusio's ElysiumSeems to be a good site. Information is selected and good sorted.
New Dingo on the PrairieAs I first saw this my first thought was boring. The subpages seem to be better designed but you have to build your own opinion of that one.
The Slayer FilesOutfit and design look nice, but it's quite small, regardless what the owner says. There isn't really much up yet.
The Slayer ShowI didn't go through the whole website, but it seems a very good one. Special feature: it calls out a monthly Chosen One, by letting them collect points. For more info, visit.
SlayerWorldClosed and under re-construction. Plans to be back up shortly before season 5 begins.
Strictly BuffyThe design could be better IMHO, too much black and blue, but all in all it has a few nice things to offer. The bios are compiled any typed by the owner, or so he claims.
The Sunnydale Slayers (SunS)Good design and a lot on it. This is really a general site. It has fanfic, background info, bios, multimedia, etc. Last update 11th June.
The Vampire's DenStill under re-construction, but it is open. Some sections are although still closed or limited. Can also be visited through the adress.
The Women of BtVSAs the title says. No updates since 23rd Mar 2000.
Encyclopedia BuffonicaClosed and under re-construction for the summer. At least this page. It seems that there is a second site here and this one is up and running.
The HellmouthGeneral Ressource Site. As far as I have seen, the layout still has problems.
6. Images
Sunnydale, Where Education is the Key to SurvivalVery large site with screencaps from all 4 seasons of BtVS and from season 1 AtS (over 2500 so far), vidclips, screensavers, etc., etc. If you want a pic from BtVS and/or it's actors, here is a good place to start looking.
Mr. Video ProductionsThis is the page for BtVS. It has all promos for the season 4 episodes, the title opening sequences from season 1-4, and a few other things from BtVS as vidclips and a few images. No vidclips from in the eps, like has it, but definately a check worth.
Mr. Video ProductionsThis is the Angel the Series page.
Kimber's Restless ScreencapsA collection of Restless vidcaps made by Kimber.
And You Thought YOU Were Obsessed with BtVSLarge gallery of the main characters, cast and villians.
the ElsewhereNice images and good made. Afaik all manipulated.
Buffy Cross & StakeLarge gallery and all good pics. All of these have gone through extensive editing to ensure their current look. For more info visit and go to the Photo Credits page.
Encyclopedia BuffonicaMany images. Sorry that I don't comment any more, but this is getting boring ;-)
Much Ado About Buffy the Vampire SlayerMany images. Sorry that I don't comment any more, but this is getting boring ;-)
Raven's RealmThis one has a very large archive, and is very good divided into many subdivisions.
Stevenson HallAlso a very large archive and also good divided.
Image gallery at the Sunnydale SlayersA rather small gallery.
7. Interviews and VIP postingsSee also Articles category.
    a. Collections
Who Says? (Little Willow's collection of VIP statements)
Bronze VIP Posting Board Archive
Interviews and chats collected at Buffyholism
Interviews collected at Encyclopedia Buffonica
Interviews, chats and VIP postings collected at Raven's Realm
Interviews collected at The Slayer Show
    b. Joss Whedon
Joss Whedon 5/19/00 interview on KRCW radio at Santa Monica College
Joss Whedon 5/9/00 interview on NPR's Fresh Air show
Joss Whedon 4/20/00 interview with The Watcher's Web
    c. Jeff Pruitt and Sophia Crawford
Jeff Pruitt/Sophia Crawford interview posted 6/21/00 at the Hellmouth
The Parabal of a Knight (by Jeff Pruitt, former BtVS stunt coor.)
Jeff Pruitt's posts archived at
8. Links
The Buffy Cross and Stake--top 50 BtVS sites
Sonja Marie's Buffy the Vampire Slayer Links
eGroups--BtVS category
Yahoo! Clubs--BtVS category
Yahoo! Buffy The Vampire Slayer category (search for "buffy")
the Slayground--links
9. Miscellaneous
eGroups: -Buffy- (founded 10/98; 582 members 6/3)
eGroups: JossBtVS (general BtVS group run by Little Willow; founded 1/99; 457 members 6/5)
Crazy For Buffy (skins and wallpaper)
The Buffy keeper sites
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Sounds
Operation Blackout (May 13, 2000)
Song Guide to S1 and S2 at Stevenson Hall
BtVS desktop themes, screensavers, wallpapers
World of Slayage
The BTVS Sitemaster's Guild
10. Newsgroups NG at NG FAQ NG at NG FAQ NG at NG at
  The NG Homepage NG at NG FAQ
Alt.buffy.europe NG at does not carry alt.binaries.multimedia.buffy-v-slayer
BtVS Binaries NG FAQ
11. Official sitesSee category "Interviews and VIP postings" for collections of VIP posts
Buffy.Com and the mirror: BuffySlayer.comofficial site
The Bronze (at
BtVS board at
See also the following unofficial sites related to the Bronze:
Bronze Community Page
Bronzers' Links
12. Posting Board Party
    a. Official sites
PBP 2000 info page
pbparty.comMirror of the above site
    b. 2000
Becky's photos
Meteor's photos
Polgara's photos
Sita's photos
X-Lander's and XYG's photos
    c. 1999
PBP '99 Links
Beck's photos
Decay's photos
Four Star Mary (band)
Jasmen's photos
Marcus Castro's photos
The Buffyatrics at the PBP
Meteor's photos
Nancy E.'s photos
Mary Loye's photos
Various photographers
     d. 1998
Bentley's Bedlam
Elizabeth's photos
Marcus Castro's photos
The Buffyatrics at the PBP
    e. Year Unknown
Angela's photos
13. Spoiler sites
The Buffy Cross & Stake Spoiler Board
The Crawford Street Mansion
Wanda Live on E! Online
XG's World of Spoilers (includes "Slayer's Sixth Sense" and "Beautiful People" (Angel))
Spoilage at Much Ado About Buffy
Spoilage at Buffy World (one by FanofBtvs)
Spoilage at The Buffy Cross and Stake
Spoilage at the Watcher's Guide
Buffy_Angel_spoilersFounded 21st October 1999 by XG. 419 members as of 27th June. Restricted membership.
14. Video Downloads
BtVS Videos(Acmecity)
Encyclopedia Buffonica
Mr. Video Productions
Raven's Realm
Romance on BtVS
Sunnydale High

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