Just some downloads
Here you'll find some nice things that you can download and use on your computer, such as the Buffied font or winamp skins. If you have an X-Drive account, you can store the files directly to that one.
Other than the fanfiction or the links section of my site, has this page a low priority for updates. I promise, I'll put some work into this page as soon as I am more or less finished with the fanfiction pages. But up to then, there won't be much change here. If you want to know when something new is here, then just check the Updates page. I'll list everything there.
Buffied FontTo use this and the Angel font, extract them and copy the TTF files into your Fonts directory, usually C:\Windows\Fonts.
Angel FontSpecial thanks to Tangled in Destiny for this font.
Aly HipThis is a Winamp skin I made for a friend and here it is for you. To use it, simply copy it into your Winamp skin directory and select it. No extracting is needed.
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