Welcome to the Willow and Tara links
This part is, due to the focus on the two actresses, furthermore divided into 3 pages.
  1. The Willow/Tara links, about the pairing of those two.
  2. The wonderful actress Alyson Hannigan. She already started her career in early hits, like "My stepmother is an alien" and has since then continued to show us how great an actress she is.
  3. Amber Benson, the probably most lovely celebrity of BtVS. Many encounters with fans have been told to show her as a very warming and personal actress, who didn't go off and into the folds of looking down onto the "normal" people.
Check each page out for fanclubs, interviews, articles, background information, etc. etc.
Again, if you think a link is missing here, because you have a great site you think should be up, or because you know of a good site that you can't find here, then drop Robin Miller a mail, she'll tell me about the link with the rest of new additions she has, and I'll view it to formulate my description.
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The Links for these two witches
The wonderful Alyson Hannigan Just the lovely Amber Benson
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I. Willow/Tara II. Alyson Hannigan III. Amber Benson
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  1. Articles
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