by Shadowlander
Chapter 12

"You're purring again," Buffy said as she put the last stack of books down in the cage. In truth Willow had been purring the entire time, but the Slayer had been enjoying the soothing sound so much she hadn't mentioned anything earlier. 'Must be why so many people keep cats,' she thought to herself with a mental shrug, before turning around and finding herself face to face the still purring Willow.

"I know," Willow replied in a purr, her eyes almost shinning as they stared into the Slayer's. "You know that you to have the most remarkable scent, right?" She questioned taking a step closer to Buffy. "Very nice actually, just calls out to you...begging for a touch...intoxicating..." she finished in a whisper reaching out to run one finger down the Slayer's throat.

'Intoxicating! Oh damn...' Buffy thought, she had been told twice that her scent was intoxicating to Willow, but did she listen? No. She was too busy listening to her annoying little Slayer voice whispering all kinds of helpful suggestions about Willow to pay attention to anything else. {A large amount of those very suggestions involving the redhead naked and screaming out her name}. The same little voice that was even now making suggestions on how to get the redhead out of her clothing and see just how loud she could purr. 'No! No!! Bad Slayer!' she told herself firmly even as she found herself taking her own little step closer to Willow. Her little Slayer-voice cheering merrily in the background, shouting encouragements the entire time, like she really needed any right now. Her body seemed to be getting into the swing of things all by itself. "Ah, Will...I don't think this is a good idea..." She said softly, even as she found herself lowering her head towards the redhead.

Time seemed to stand still as their lips touched, the only sound in the library was Willow's purring that was more felt then heard. The sound seemed to sink deep into Buffy's bones, soothing and calming her even as it aroused other things. 'It is right, the way it should be,' her annoying little Slayer-voice kept insisting in the back of her mind. "Oh shut up," The Slayer muttered before slipping her tongue into Willow's mouth and pushing the redhead up against the cage wall.

Willow's cat purred merrily as their tongues battled for dominance, while she wasn't quite sure whom the Slayer was talking to when she said shut up. She really didn't care, all that mattered was that this was her life-mate kissing her and not another soul, or leech for that matter, was in sight to interrupt them. 'Yes the way it should be,' her cat firmly agreed as she slipped her hands under the Slayer's shirt. "Nice..." Willow hissed pulling away from Buffy to take a few deep breathes, even as her hands continue to roam under the Slayer's shirt, enjoying the feel of the warm tanned skin. "Mine!" She growled staring deeply into her life-mate's eyes, before turning her attention to Buffy's neck.

With that statement the Slayer learned three very important things. One, that Dysis was not kidding when she said Will's people tended to be possessive with their loved one. Two, she wasn't as grossed out as she thought she would be at being thought of as property. In fact, her little slayer-voice seemed down right pleased with Willow's possessiveness, boy was that little voice was really beginning to get on her nerves at times. And third, and most importantly, Willow has fangs! Pulling away from her, Buffy puts her hand under Willow's chin and lifts it up. "You have fangs!" She said a bit breathlessly. 'How in the hell did I miss THAT when I was kissing her?' She wondered absently, ignoring her protesting Slayer-voice who had been totally turned on by the sharp little fangs nibbling on her neck.

"Huh?...oh sorry...not much I can do about that, they are always there," Willow replied after a moment, trying to figure out what had distracted her life-mate. "I forgot I had them," She added with a little grin, her cat jumping up and down yelling 'enough talk get back to the good stuff, she was about to start purring too' in the back of her mind.

"Oh to hell with it," Buffy said after a moment, if Willow really wanted to kill her she would have done it by now. Besides the redhead was doing the most remarkable things with her hands, why stop now? They could have the whole fang discussion thing later, right now she wanted those fangs nibbling on her neck some more. She decided with a little shrug taking Willow's lips. Her tongue slipping past the redhead's lips and playfully running along her upper fangs. Now that she knew they were there they suddenly became more interesting. Willow certainly seemed to like Buffy running her tongue around them, her purring had gotten even louder. That was when the Slayer learned another interesting thing about Willow - unlike a vampire she just didn't have an upper set of fangs, she had a lower, smaller set as well. She learned this little fact when she accidentally cut the tip of her tongue on one of the little fangs.

Willow's eyes shot open as she tasted Buffy's blood in her mouth, her cat eagerly pushing forward, with a demand to claim what was hers and be done with it. Firmly pushing down her cat, Willow concentrated on the feel of her life-mate in her arms as she slipped her hands into the Slayer's jeans. 'Now is not the time to do any claiming. Not yet anyway, it is too soon for her,' Willow's human self hissed at the frustrated cat in the back of the back of her mind.

Then it was Buffy's turn to have her eyes shoot open in shock as she felt one of Willow's fingers slip into her warmth. Absently wondering when the redhead had gotten her jeans undone without her noticing it. Only to have the thought slip her mind as Willow's lonely little finger was suddenly joined by a second and third finger, working in unison to drive a certain blonde Slayer over the edge. Unable to control herself any longer, Buffy began to move with Willow's trusting hand, her low moans joining Willow's purrs humming throughout the otherwise quiet library. 'Oh she is good at this,' Buffy thought happily ripping her mouth away from Willow's lips to begin her attack on the redhead's neck. 'Turn about is fair play,' she told herself merrily, grinning wickedly against her lover's warm neck before playfully nibbling at the flesh under her lips.

Willow growled approvingly as she felt her life-mate's playful nips on her neck, her hand moving steadily within her lover. 'Oh yeah, it is exactly the way it should be,' her cat and human-self agreed contently.

Buffy chuckled evilly at Willow's low growl, enjoying the reaction her efforts were getting. 'Seems my little kitten likes being bitten,' she thought evilly, her hands eagerly working on the zipper of Willow's leather pants. 'Why the hell does she wear leather, anyway?' she questioned as she felt her orgasm beginning to build. 'She is way too talented with her hands,' was her last coherent thought as she went over the edge, covering Willow's hand with her cum as she came with a strangled cry. Her faced buried in Willow's neck muffling most of the sound.

Carefully comforting her life-mate as she slowly came back to herself, Willow found herself dealing with her frustrated cat. While on one hand she was pleased beyond belief that she had brought her life-mate such pleasure, if the pounding heart and gasps for breath were any indication, on the other, her cat was a bit peeved, her enhanced hearing having picked up voices approaching the library. "Buffy? We're about to have company." She whispered calmly into her mate's ear, chuckling at the immediate reaction her words caused.

Buffy's eyes widened again as she tried to pull away from her lover, only to discover that Willow's hand was still inside her and didn't seen to be in any hurry to move said hand anytime soon. "Wills!" she growled as Willow twitched her hand within her before pulling completely out. Drawing her hand out of Buffy's pants, Willow regarded her life-mate with hooded eyes and a small smirk, before a naughty little grin lit up her face. Catching the Slayer's eyes, as she hurriedly tried to get her clothes in order, Willow brought up her hand covered in Buffy's juices and proceeded to lick her hand clean, a dark light glowing behind her green eyes. With one final lick, Willow suddenly leaned forward and gave her life-mate one final breath-stealing kiss, before releasing her with a playful wink and a promising smile.

"You do NOT play fair," Buffy hissed, buttoning her jeans, trying to get her pounding heart not to beat itself out of her chest. Only to be greeted by a playful chuckle in reply.

"I never said I did."

Chapter 13

By the time the library doors opened, Willow had found a comfortable seat at the research table where she could watch her somewhat flustered life-mate try to regain some kind of control of herself. Settling back with a smug little grin firmly in place, Willow gave a brief thought to how the Slayer was going to explain her rumpled appearance to the Watcher and the woman with him. Tapping her fingers on the tabletop, her cat amused itself once more with lovely little images of her life-mate. Unsurprisingly most of those images involved a total lack of clothing, lots of chocolate and silk scarves.

'Wonder how she'll look in our bed with nothing on but our mark?' The cat questioned, eager to see the blonde in that very position sometime in the very near future. 'And the pool, can't forget the pool or the recreation room. All those mirrors down there...the possibilities are endless.' Her cat continued to her human-self wanting nothing more then to get out of the library and do a little exploring of the fascinating territory known as Buffy Summers.

Running one last hand through her hair, Buffy snuck a quick look at Willow, unsure if she should be concerned about the almost feral glow to the redhead's eyes. 'I just had mind blowing sex in the book cage,' she said to herself, trying to slow her breathing down. 'I just had SEX in the LIBRARY!!' The rational part of her mind that wasn't always on speaking terms with her inner Slayer voice, all but screamed.

'Yup we sure did,' her inner Slayer voice replied with a goofy looking grin plastered across her face. 'I wonder how fast we can get rid of Giles and go do it again?'

'No, in the library is wrong...and, and...It's just wrong! This is like Giles' inner sanctum. The shrine to all that is stuffy and British and Watchery, we have desecrated the domain of Giles and you want to do it again?' Rational-Buffy demanded in disbelief.

Buffy's inner-Slayer voice was cut off as she suddenly became aware of a hand moving back and forth in front of her face. "Ah Buff, you in there?" Xander Harris questioned with one arched eyebrow. Concern clearly written on his face as he continued to wave the donut temptingly in front of her. It just wasn't like his best friend to totally space out, unless they were both sitting in English Lit class and had long given up on trying to remain conscious as the teacher drone on and on about the merits of Tennyson.

"Huh?...ah, yeah I'm fine." Buffy said coming back to the here and now, shooting Willow a scolding look when she picked up the faint chuckle coming from the redhead. 'Go-ahead laugh, little kitten. Just wait until I get you alone.' She said to herself all ready plotting her revenge. Snatching the donut out of Xander's hand, she takes a bite effectively saving herself from having to answer any other questions.

"Okay, if you say so." Xander replied noting Buffy's calculating look and Willow's smug down right-pleased beyond belief look. His teenage hormones all ready coming up with possible reasons for the looks passing between both girls.

Across town...

Drusilla replayed the phantom images of the Slayer and the werecat mating in the book cage pleased at how both of them had responded to her manipulations. It had taken awhile but she had finally gotten her little kitten to initiate a mating with the Slayer. It would make it easier for the vampire to condition the Slayer as she continued to nudge the chosen one on the path she had set for her.

"Soon my luvs you'll both be at my side for all eternity." Dru said to the empty room. She was all ready envisioning the death and destruction the two of them will unleash upon the world with but a command from her. Dissipating the phantom images with a wave of her hand, she got up to prowl the empty halls of her lair. She had other plans to make...plans that concerned her little kitten and her willful behavior of late.

Descending the staircase to the "dungeon" that had been especially built for her, Dru crossed to one of the occupied cells where her current favourite was screwing one of the humans kept in the mansion as food for her and the few minions that served her. Taking a moment to watch her youngest childe pound into the willing body of the tall muscular human under him, Dru watches the two with growing lust. She had noticed lately that her little boy had taken a liking to the college student they had captured one night a few months back. The vampire would spend hours in the human's cell torturing him and shagging him for countless hours - usually leaving the human one bloody mess in the back of the cage when he was done. She also know that the younger vampire was thinking about turning the human, but was only waiting for the right moment to ask for her consent.

Pushing aside thoughts of the human's ultimate fate, Drusilla entered the cell to have her way with both of the males. She would make a decision after she had left her mark on both of them. And then she would turn her full attention to the matter of her little kitten.

Crawford Street Mansion...

Angelus had been in a rage when he had returned to the mansion, receiving minor damage from the sun's rays for his troubles. After several hours of torturing the luckless minion that had the misfortune of being in the main hall upon his return. The master vampire had gone in search of his favourite childe, needing to vent his other frustration before settling down in front of the main fireplace and brooding for several hours.

He had already begun to make plans for the mysterious redhead who had surprised him in the cemetery. She would be his, of this he had no doubt. He'd worry about figuring out just what she was once she had been captured and caged. Can't have his new little pet roaming the night without him.

After he had shagged Spike for several hours, he'd allowed the younger vamp to feed and then put to work building the cage for his little pet-to-be. One way or another the redhead would be his, he firmly decided. All ready envisioning the hunts he would have with her at his side. After the initial shock at seeing her change forms wore off, Angelus could admit that she looked magnificent in her cat form. He couldn't wait to have the cat sitting at his booted feet as he placed his mark on the hellmouth. With the cat and Slayer under his control nothing in heaven or hell would be able to stand in his way.

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