Late Night in the Cemetery
by Shadowlander
Part three of the Reality Shift series.

The vampire watched the two young girls strolling through the deserted graveyard a bit puzzled. These were the two Mr. Edmund had spoken about, he was sure of it, after all the beautiful Lady had also been adamant that he seek out these two. So they had to be the ones he was looking for there was just no other way around it. They were to be his new little sisters, Mr. Edmund and the beautiful Lady had said so, and they have never lied to him before. He couldn't wait to go on hunts with them, to show them all the fun things to do under the stars. He just knew the blonde would have the most fun, the Lady had whispered to him that she was one of her "chosen night children" and that she would have to be taught all the important things that went along with being a night stalker.

And he would be the one to teach her, he had given his word to the beautiful lady who lived up in the night sky and he always kept his word. 'Mummy is going to be so proud of me,' he thought happily as he carefully followed the two. 'Can't let anything bad happen to me little sisters. That won't do one little bit.' He decided firmly, ignoring the pain in his side that had plagued him endlessly during his trip to the hellmouth.

"What are you singing?" Willow finally asked, the song driving her mad as she tried in vain to place it. For the past twenty minutes her girlfriend had been softly singing to her as they walked through the cemetery. They were supposed to be on patrol, vampire activity had been up lately and Faith had been swamped in the Slaying department. So Willow and the others had volunteered to make extra sweeps with the Slayer as a way to watch her back while she dusted the undead. However, it seemed that Buffy had other things on her mind, things that didn't include seriously looking for any vampires that may be out there trying to make a meal out of them.

Buffy Summers chuckled lowly at the question and began to sing the old French love song once more to her audience of one. She loved being out in the night, roaming the town, just her, the stars, and Willow. What more could she ask for? All right maybe a cabin somewhere with no one else for miles, just the two of them. She was pretty sure she could arrange for all of Willow's clothes to disappear or, in the very least, get misplaced in the nearest mud hole for a couple of hours.

Stopping suddenly and turning to face her singing girlfriend, Willow looked deep into her eyes. "Oh goddess, not again," she groaned realizing the cause of Buffy's strange mood. 'I can't believe I forgot about today!' she said to herself, a feeling of doom settling over her. Over the last few months, Buffy had fallen into an odd behavior pattern one that tended to confuse the hell out of everyone around the blonde werewolf. In short Buffy got "frisky", for lack of a better word, right before the first night of the full moon cycle, when they had to lock her up. Not that Willow overly minded it when Buffy got frisky; it was kind of nice having someone serenade you from time to time. Although it was a bit disconcerting when your girlfriend decided to give you smootchies in the middle of the crowded hall first thing in the morning in front of half of the football team. And even that wouldn't have been so bad if Xander hadn't of had that camera and had been willing to blackmail them. Not that he ever made much of the threat, especially after Cordelia took away his camera while Faith give him the mother of all wedgies right in the middle of the very same hall.

Buffy responded by stepping closer to Willow, her singing trailing off as she lowered her head toward Willow's lips.

Not far away the vampire jumped up on top of a crypt to get a better view of the two girls. Making gagging noises as the two kissed, "Yuck!" the vampire said in a low voice. "Can't they get a room?" he questioned, glancing up at the sky for guidance. Only to groan in despair, as he watched the two become lost in themselves, blocking everything out but each other. "These two are worse then the Jersey Vamp Vixen." He grumbled watching one of the blonde's hands disappear under the redhead's shirt. If it was anyone other then his sisters-to-be, he'd have been a lot more interested in their late night activities, hell he'd have been more than willing to go down there and help them out a bit. But as it was, Mr. Edmund said they were his little sisters, and there was just something not right about watching your sisters make out, even if they were vampires. It was just wrong in his opinion and he was sure Mr. Edmund and the beautiful Lady would agree.

He watched the two for a few more moments, noting with interest the play of muscles on the blonde as she carefully maneuvered the redhead into a comfortable position against a tombstone. Before turning his attention to his right and the four minions that had also been watching the girls. His yellow/gold eyes flashing he shifted into a crouch ready to pounce on the first one that got too close to his little sisters. After all the trouble he went through to find them, crossing the ocean all by himself and running away from daddy, he wasn't about to let them get hurt by some flighty third rate vamp.

"We got company," Buffy whispered in a near growl, the wolf inside her irritated at the interruption. It had taken months but the wolf could feel the hated restrains, that imprisoned it for most of the month, breaking. The wolf could almost taste the freedom it would soon have, and then she would be with her mate, together like they where suppose to be. Now it seemed that she would have to content herself with ripping apart the four minions that were trying to harm her mate.

Trying to catch her breath and remain calm at the same time, Willow reached for the stake hidden in the sleeve of the long sleeve shirt. 'The good thing about wearing baggy clothing, it allows you to hide all kinds of things', she thought with a small grin. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Buffy pulling out her own stake, although where the blonde musician had hidden it in the first place was a mystery to her. It seemed that she was always coming across one of Buffy's hidden stakes and/or crosses somewhere on her person at the most inappropriate times. Like that one time they were making out in the book cage and Giles had almost walked in on them.

"Try to keep that tombstone to your back, don't let them get behind you." Buffy said putting herself between the four vampires and her girlfriend.

"Well looky here boys! We found ourselves two juicy meals." The first vamp said with a lisp, possibly due to one fang being broken. From the looks of him and his three friends, they had either been out playing in traffic on the Santa Monica freeway or they had run into a rather ticked off Slayer earlier that night. Although there was also a remote possibility that they had eaten at the High School Cafeteria and had been vamped later that day, because Buffy recognized one of them as the treasurer of the Sunnydale High Glee Club.

"Oh good I found you," a way too cheerful voice said from behind the four vamps, and Buffy was almost positive she saw all four of them shutter in fear. "Now I don't have to go on that rampage through Luke's lair looking for you." Faith continued merrily. "Do you know how hard it is to get blood out of leather?" She all but growled as the four vamps started to easy their way as far from the Slayer as possible.

"Oh this is bad," Willow commented moving closer to Buffy, not sure if she should be glad to see Faith or feel sorry for the vamps. "She's channeling Cordelia, this can not be a good thing."

Buffy had to agree as the former treasurer of the Sunnydale High Glee Club backed right into her stake, effectively dusting himself. She wasn't sure if she should laugh or be annoyed that she didn't get to kick the crap out of him first, because she had really hated that guy when he had been in charge of the SHGC's treasury.

From his vantage point on top of the crypt, Buffy and Willow's self-appointed big brother and bodyguard, grinned merrily as he watched the events unfold before him. He had just been about to pounce on Broken-tooth when the nasty old Slayer had shown up. At first he had entertained thoughts of taking out the Slayer too, can't have the likes of her hanging around his little sisters. It just wouldn't be proper, not at all. But then he had remembered Mr. Edmund's words, he had said that the Slayer was pretty and he didn't want her hurt. Now that he could see what the nasty Slayer looked like in person, the vampire had to admit that she was sort of pretty, for a mean ol' Slayer.

After the first vamp's suicide on Buffy's stake, Faith took out the vampire closest to her, taking him down with a kick to the groin. Fighting fair against vampires was something not even that screwy "Slayer's Handbook" ever mentioned. At least, she didn't think it did, because she really hadn't bothered to read it, other than to flip through it whenever Giles was looking her way when she was supposed to be studying it. So far the only thing Faith knew for sure was that the handbook was originally printed in 1751, with a revision in 1899 and a reprint in 1971. Well that and the guy that wrote the book was one long-winded bastard who loved to use twelve letter words in every other sentence.

Broken-tooth, while looking incredibly silly with one fang sticking down over his lower lip, wasn't a very stupid vampire. Well sort of, he was one of Luke's more swifter minions, meaning that he did know when to get out of the sunlight, but he was still a few cards shy of a full deck. If only he had paid attention to his Master when Luke was pointing out the Slayer and all her little helpers. Instead of ogling that pretty dark-haired cheerleader that liked to sit in the Slayer's lap, he would have known not to go anywhere near the blonde or the redhead. Not because they were friends of the Slayers, that really didn't bother him, his master had plans for bringing down that dark-haired bitch. No if he had paid attention that night he would have known that the blonde and redhead he had been trying to kill were under the protection of the meanest vampire on the west coast. As it was Broken-tooth had been fantasizing about the Slayer's girlfriend and totally missed his master's warning... "No one touched what was Spike's and got away with it."

An unmoving force right behind him suddenly stopped his slow retreat. Turning with a growl, he suddenly found his throat grabbed in a tight vise as he came face to face with the souled vampire called Spike, also known as Drusilla the Bloody.

From his perch on top of the crypt William watched his sire grab Broken-tooth by the throat and squeeze. It had been over eighty years since he had last seen his mum, but finally after so long they were going to be together once again. Mr. Edmund had told him so and the beautiful Lady in the Moon agreed, they were all going to be a happy family again. Him, his mum, and his new little sisters...right after they took care of daddy.

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