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15 Oct 2000: Just another small update. Changed the links to The Buffy Cross & Stake and Pinkrabbit to their new adresses. Other than that, nothing, because I just don't have the time for it. School just keeps me away too much. Sorry guys, but updates will stay rare and small until I finished this year. I hope to be able to work on my site again after that. But don't worry, it'll stay up.
22 Sep 2000: Small update. Moved back to the RR servers with the links, and updated a moved link. More to come, or at least, I hope :-)
06 Sep 2000: I am extremely sorry for this long wait in update, but due to interruptions in my work, mostly caused by RL, I didn't get to work that much in the beginning, and then the RedRival FTP went down, and it was impossible for me to do the large update I had wanted to.
Since RR promises to have the FTP back up around mid september, I'm not going to update my fic archive yet, but only the links (it was damn time for that too). But because of mentioned problem, I have temporary set up the links on my Tripod account. I know, many of you hate those banners, but I promise to move everything back asap.
Included in the update for the links pages are, and I hope this will weigh up at least a little of your waiting time, is a complete new layout, and new links and updates in the WillTara part. The General section is just too large to be done that easily, but I promise to get this done as fast as my job (the shock, the horror, yes I have a job) lets me.
16 Jul 2000: I'm back. Sorry it took so long, but I had a few other things to do here.
NEW ADDITIONS include Erin's fics, as well as most of Shyfox and a few of Kimber. The rest of them should come with the next update. If not, then I was too busy with other work, but I promise I'll get them up asap.

Also, a name change. I got the feeling the Just Mine sounds a little boring, or at least not very original, so I decided to get a new name. I hope you all like Crystallized Heart.
Together with the new name also comes a change in layout and design. Not much, mostly only color change or new images. I'm still working on it, but I'm out for the rest of the week, and I didn't want to let you noble visitors wait any longer.

Planned in the next update: Finishing the new layout, updating the links, and setting up the rest of Kimber's fics. And, of course, the updates of current stories.
28 Jun 2000: Well, first of all, you've probably already noticed that I've changed the index into a gateway into the main page. I did this because I have added quite a few images to the main page, and I didn't want to slow everything down more than neccesary.
All in all, I did quite a lot of formatting for the pages, and quite a lot has changed.
Also, I've added a new chapter and a new story of Shadowlander and I added the stories of Kirayoshi. That makes 2 out of 8 authors of whom I've got permission to archive the fics. The next update will bring another 3, I promise.
Further I have done some work in the Links section. A few changes in the General BtVS links and I continued with the descriptions. Also, I updated all eGroups and Yahoo! Clubs member numbers, as well as removed a few nonexistant ones.
Other updates in this section contain include new links and a few changed descriptions to match the current status.

To say it clearly, I've done a lot on this site since the last update. You probably should take a short look through all the pages if you want to know all the changes, 'cause even I don't know anymore what exactly I have done in the meanwhile.
24 Jun 2000:Added a counter to the Links Index page and put up the first version on my fanfiction page (3 B/W fics from Shadowlander). Tell me what you think of it, and don't be dissapointed, there is a lot more to come.
22 Jun 2000:Small update in the links section (they are now in a seperate directory and a few links corrected) and a slightly changed layout for the index page. I'm currently working on the fanfiction area, so that part should be updated next.
18 Jun 2000: After a 3 day Buffy marathon to catch up with season 4, I am back at work.
I've added links back to the main pages and updated a few links. New links as well as a total reformatting of the links pages. They're all in tables now, for easier reading (I hope).
I've changed a little the order of the General BtVS links, and I've continued working on the descriptions. I'm sorry, I'm still not finished but I'm trying to bring that on as fast as I can, so don't hit me.
Added the Guestbook, so don't forget to sign.
Added the first installment of the Download page and a counter. Well, ok the counter was already there, but this is the update I mention it in ;-)
Updated two of the pics, the BtVS logo on the index and the WillTara links background. That one is now without the in-picture text (Thanks again Kimber).
16 Jun 2000:Corrected a few glitches in the links page. Added the Update page and the About me page
13 Jun 2000:Lots of work in the page. Images added, as well as backgrounds. Split the links page into smaller parts.
10 Jun 2000:Links page added to the site.
  8 Jun 2000:Site first set up.
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