by Shadowlander
Chapter 1

The streets were bathed in blood, as the howls of the dying intermixed with those of an ancient predator long thought to be figments of terrified imaginations. Mangled bodies , ravaged by tooth and claw, gave mute testimony to the onslaught of destruction unleashed by a furious mistress in search of her mate. A mate who had been taken from her by these "children of man", who seemed to infest the very core of a world that once trembled at her mere presence. The night had called out to her to reclaim what was her by birthright, to wipe out the inferior race that had the audacity to put itself at the top of the food chain, when they clearly belonged much lower. But no more! The Mistress was finally free to reclaim her kingdom and the mate that had been taken from her by the forerunners of the humans who lay littered about like broken, discarded playthings that had lost their appeal long ago.

Oh how the sounds of terror spoke to the Mistress as she surveyed the death and destruction around her. Calling to her for more, always more of the rich screams of the foolish humans, as they were re-taught the lessons of their ancestors. The night did not belong to them, it belonged to her! It would always belong to her! This was a night of many lessons as the Mistress reaffirmed her mark on her world and all those who inhabited it. The blood alone would ensure for the survivors that this town, this 'Sunnydale', was hers as were they. Insignificant beings allowed to live at her whim, for her amusement and nothing else.

Still it wasn't enough, the blood, the screams of innocence being sent to the slaughter wasn't enough! Something was missing, something that belonged to the Mistress more then anything else, something these humans were keeping from her. But soon, soon they would learn the magnitude of their mistake, soon they would learn that they could hide nothing from her, even if she had to slaughter all of them to prove it. Suddenly the Mistress looked up from her most recent kill, a dark-haired boy lay at an odd angle at her feet his life's blood flowing through the Mistress as she searched for her next kill. That scent! She knew it, almost as well as her own, it had called to her for countless centuries, singing to her of passion and fury that only it could ignite in the Mistress. It was the scent of her mate, at long last her mate was here. But where? The night wind had changed as if to mock her, to deny her of her mate.

"No!!!!!" She roared to the uncaring heavens, she would not be denied! This was her world, her time! Nothing would stop her from reclaiming what was hers! Then she saw it, a figure calmly stepping out of the surrounding darkness. 'It's her!' The Mistress nearly groaned after so long, so many centuries of imprisonment, she was here! Her mate had returned to her, like she promised!

She was just as beautiful, as memorizing as she had always been, and she was here. 'She's mine," the Mistress swore possessively watching with eager eyes as the young woman approached. 'Soon, so very soon you will be at my side once again.' She thought, recalling the hunts of the past and how her beloved mate looked during the kill; leaning over her prey, blood dripping from her fangs, as the life force drained away from whatever creature they had decided to prey upon that particular night. It was a glorious site her life mate made just after the kill, eyes still flashing with the intensity of a predator as the blood of her prey flowed through her veins like quicksilver. It aroused the Mistress just thinking about it, her mate was like no other when it came to the hunt, she herself hunted for survival - or to prove a point - but not her mate. No her beautiful mate hunted for the sheer pleasure of the kill, the embodiment of grace and beauty found only in a true creature of the night.

As the young woman stepped close, the Mistress couldn't suppress the smile that came to her lips. 'She's even more magnificent then before! And she's mine, only mine!' Holding out her right hand, the Mistress waits silently for her mate to take it, to reclaim her proper place. ?????

Eyes, one set green the other blue, lock with one another as the young woman without hesitation places her hand in the Mistress's own bloody one, retaking her proper place. "I missed you," the Mistress whispers drawing the young woman to her. "It has been so very long. Do you like my gifts?" She questions indicating the carnage around them with a dismissive wave of her left hand. "The dead sing out for you." She spoke low. "Calling for you to add to their numbers, as only you can." Her head lowers. "Can you feel them?" With each sentence. "The 'sheep' that inhabit this place, their blood aches to be drink." Lower. "I can feel it calling to you." Until lips nearly met. "It longs to run down your throat igniting the hunger inside of you." As low growl, half way between longing and pleasure, is the Mistress's only response as the young woman in her arms is overwhelmed with the images dancing in her minds eye. "Be with me." Came the low command before the Mistress claims the lips before her own in a searing kiss full igniting a fire that has long lay smoldering between the two for centuries. Suddenly they are pulling at one another's clothing, as they slowly sink to the blood-covered street, the urge to mate, to reclaim one another over powering the urge to kill. Breaking away for air, two names cut through the dark night, over shadowing the screams of the dying...........




Buffy Summers jolted out of a troubled sleep, in a cold sweat that clings to her body, heart racing she tries to escape from the nightmare images running through her mind. Setting straight up in bed, she looks around her darkened room almost as if to remind herself that she was indeed safe and all, of whatever it was, was only a nightmare. With a shaky hand she pushes a damp lock of hair out of her eyes and glances at the clock. "04:15 A.M." She says to herself more out of a need to hear something other then the pounding of her own heart at the moment. Taking deep, calming breaths, she struggles to recall as much of the nightmare as possible, 'Giles isn't going to believe this,' she thought ruefully running another hand through her hair before falling back on the mattress, her mind working. Once her heart is no longer threatening to pound itself way out of her chest, she drifts back off to less troubled sleep, one thought making itself known just before she surrenders to unconsciousness. 'Just who the hell is this Willow person?

Chapter 2

Sunnydale High

When Rupert Giles pulled into the school parking lot, to begin yet another battle in the war against the forces of darkness {not to mention illiteracy}, he was surprised to find his Slayer waiting, rather impatiently, for him. Slowly putting his auto into park, he briefly went over the possible reasons for Buffy Summers to be standing in front of his vehicle; on a Wednesday morning, roughly forty-five minutes before classes were scheduled to begin, with a look of irritation in her face. Rapidly he narrowed it down to three possible scenarios to her somewhat odd behavior, and it was truly out of character for the young woman to be anywhere near the school this early in the morning. Neither one, the world was about to end in one big fiery ball, unless the Slayer intervened in time. Which Giles dismissed almost as soon as the thought crossed his mind, if such an event was about to happen, chances were he would have known about it already. Two, Buffy had come across something while on patrol last night that needed his immediate attention. Which was also unlikely, mainly do to the fact that Giles had accompanied the young woman on her tour through Sunnydale's many graveyards that night - and had been found the entire ordeal mind numbly boring beyond all reason. The last option, somewhat chilled the Watcher/Librarian to the bone, perhaps the stress of her sacred duty - and inability to find sensible slaying shoes - had finally cracked the young woman, causing her to stalk British Librarians in high school parking lots.

"Rubbish." He said under his breath, coming to the conclusion that he had been spending way too much time in the company of Alexander Harris. The boy was most definitely rubbing off on Giles in the most annoying way. Shaking his head to clear it of the unruly thoughts, he begins to gather up his kit in the seat next to him, only to be startled by the driver's side door suddenly being flung open.

"Will you get out of the car all ready!" Buffy hissed leaning in to give him the evil eye.

Meanwhile, at the same time just outside of town.

"Wills, breakfast!" Marco Garibaldi called out, putting the final touches on his carefully simmering omelet by adding a healthy amount of mushrooms and cheese before folding the entire thing in half and easily sliding it out of the pan and onto a waiting plate. "Your omelet, madam." He playfully said handing over the plate to the young redhead that chose that moment to walk into the kitchen.

Not quite awake, Willow took the plate absently as she passed doing a double take once she reached the corner table and realized what she had in her hands. "I hate when you do that." She grumbled lowly putting down the plate and taking her seat at the table.

"No you don't," Marco chuckled placing a kiss on the top of her head as he walked by to take his own place at the table.

For as long as Willow could remember Marco had always been there for her. He always know where she was, what she was doing, and usually with whom. To most teenagers having their movements so easily tracked would be mortifying, the teen years being when most young people start to experiment and test their surroundings, trying to find their place in the world. To Willow it was just her "half brother" being himself, Marco was a strong psi, border line telepath actually, so one just got used to such behavior. Marco just couldn't shut-off what made him unique among their people, no more then he could change the colour of the fine black fur that covered his body. Looking at him, Willow assumed most would find him to be a terrifying sight, a giant black panther that decided to stand up on two legs one fine day to see what all the fuss was about. To her, he was just Marco, her big brother, protector, fellow mischief-maker, and confidant all rolled into one. It was he who took in the tiny halfling all those years ago when she had been abandoned by her family. It was Marco who had taught her about her heritage, taught her the ways of her people - the ones who made their homes in the shadows, not the sun-walkers who had left her to die in a dumpster behind a nameless hotel in some forgotten town. It was also Marco, who had encouraged her to learn about the sun-walkers, who made up the other half of her heritage. Sometimes Willow wished she carried one type of blood in her veins, instead of the dual heritage of a sun-walker/shadow-walker mix. It was so hard trying to balance both sides of herself, the one that could go out among the 'humans' and pass for one of them without much trouble, and the other that longed to prowl the night with her 'wild' cousins who roamed the earth on all fours.

"Eat." Came the gentle encouragement, bring her out of her silent musings. Looking into the golden eyes across from her, Willow cuts into the side of her omelet with her folk, pushing aside melancholy thoughts. She learned along time ago to except her 'uniqueness' among the pack, it kept things interesting as Grandfather would say.

"Did you sleep okay? I heard you call out last night." Marco questioned his golden eyes studying what, by all appearances, was a young human seated across from him. He could feel the direction her thoughts had taken moments ago. Such thoughts had deeply troubled his little sister over the past few months, as her approaching adulthood weighed heavily on her young mind. It wasn't easy growing up, it was one of the few traits that the humans shared with his kind. He had no delusions that it was any easier on Willow, especially with her dual heritage pulling at her from different directions. He also knew that things were about to get a lot more difficult for Willow in the very near future. There was a reason he had asked her to move with him to Sunnydale, away from the extended family of the pack, to finish up her junior and senior year of high school among the sun-walkers. Willow was destined for something big, Marco had known it for a long time, every since that day seventeen years ago when a vision led him to an infant child abandoned by frightened parents, who had little understanding of why their only child had somehow gained fur and a set of fangs.

"I was dreaming about that nut vampire again." Willow replied with a growl. "That crazy leech was having...I don't know?...a tea party, I think! All night, she kept going on and on about the stars singing to her and killing the nasty old Slayer, whatever THAT is?!" she continued stabbing at the remains of her breakfast. "And she wants me to help her! Kept calling me her little kitten! Her new little pet! I'll kitten her, just let her try to collar me. I got something for her." She growled darkly, her green eyes flashing with anger and something not quite human.

"Drusilla," Marco's voice cut into her grumbling. "She's going to be trouble, don't underestimate her, she's as dangerous as they come. Don't try to take her on alone, she's almost as powerful as I am and she's a lot crazier then I'll ever be........not a very good combination." His words brought a knowing smile to both of their faces. "As for the Slayer, that one's easy. The Slayer is the sun-walker's chosen one to kill vampires. I'm not sure exactly how it works, never had much to do with any of them, they come and go so fast. I do know that there is a Slayer here, a powerful one at that. Not really trained up here." He continued tapping the side of his dark head with one claw. "But has the potential for it. I think Drusilla know this too, and is looking for a way to destroy the Slayer before she becomes a real threat to the leeches." Marco said finishing off his own breakfast.

"Does that make this Slayer friend or foe?" Willow wondered, cocking her head to one side in thought.

"I'm not sure........things are muddled where she is concerned. Ideally she is a good alley, we both hate leeches and really have no desire to see the world end anytime soon. Then there is Drusilla. She's the real wild card in all this, if she's messing with your dreams, changes are she's playing with the Slayer's too. Can't really be sure how the Slayer will react until we come face to face." Marco paused for a moment noting the time. "But all of that is going to have to're going to be late for school."


Sunnydale High Library

"Er....hello?" Willow called out letting the door swing closed behind her as she cautiously stepped into the library. Something about the large room void of any living beings at the moment, tugged at the back of her mind calling at her base instincts. Telling her that this was a place that held great power and knowledge and unfortunately, like the rest of the town, wreaked of evil. Although, in truth the library did seem to smell a bit better then the rest of Sunnydale, but Willow dismissed it as the effects of the hellmouth the whole city had been built upon. 'Only sun-walkers would built a town over a hellmouth,' she thought ruefully, before being distracted by a new scent. "What the?....." She whispered to herself, turning back toward the doors, just as they opened to reveal Buffy Summers deep in a conversation with her Watcher. Quickly stepping out of the way, Willow takes a moment to study the two, they didn't seem to be aware of her at all. 'Odd, the girl doesn't small like a sun-walker.' She absently noted. 'And they both smell of leeches and...' Willow was brought out of her silent musings when Buffy's 'spider sense' finally kicked in and she released her and Giles were not alone.

Turning around to face the possible threat......she only stares in shock at the site of the figure from her nightmare calmly standing before her. For her part, Willow didn't know what to make of the blonde girl's rapid change of emotions. First there was; caution, then recognition, and then shock?? Which made no sense at all, she was sure she would remember someone like the funny smelling sun-walker before her. If nothing more, then because of the strange little scent she had, she was thrown into even more confusion when Buffy finally found her voice and said.


Chapter 3

Willow wasn't sure what to make of the funny smelling human standing before her. The slim blonde was staring at her with accusing eyes that held a fire that few sun-walkers carried, burning in their mesmerizing depths. A fire that seemed to burn form within, hinting at a strange power that could both consume and ignite the unsuspecting with its fiery touch. In all, the female intrigued her in ways Willow didn't even want to begin to think about, it was bad enough she was living outside of a hellmouth and had a nut leech invading her dreams, now she had a human giving her strange looks. "Me," Willow said returning the stare with one of her own, it seemed like the thing to do at the time. Something about the human called to her, whispered to her inner self about nights of passion and fire, of long hunts prowling under the silvery moon for unsuspecting prey. Willow could almost taste the blood of a fresh kill as the two of them prowled the night, claiming the darkness for them selves. She could feel her 'beast' begin to stir as the call of the hunt started to pound in her veins, it was overwhelming, Willow felt her control starting to slip as her own eyes locked with those of the young woman staring back at her. She could hear the pulse pounding in the female....and the male! Willow tore her eyes away from Buffy's, suddenly remembering that there was someone else in the room. "No!" Willow growled, fighting to regain her composer in front of the two humans. 'This can't be happening,' she thought suddenly feeling trapped, the walls closing in on her. It was the movement of the male that caused her to turn and bolt out the library, running down Xander, who had the miss fortune of entering at the time.

At that very moment in a boarded up old mansion across town Drusilla seat back in the antique chair, once used as a throne for some European king, and smiled evilly. Her plans were turning out just perfect, even better then she had first envisioned. The Slayer had responded so well to her manipulations, the dreams the nasty chosen one had been having were all Dru's doing. The master Vampire had big plans for the Slayer and those plans did not include her continuing in her slaying duties. No, Buffy was to stand at her side, as her enforcer, once she took over as the undisputed ruler of Sunnydale. As soon as the current master, Drusilla's worthless sire Angelus, was dusted she would move in an take over the hellmouth. It would be Buffy's final act as the Slayer, a fitting end to a worthy adversary's career - the vampire grudgingly admitted - before she took her proper place as Drusilla's Enforcer.

She could hardly wait! Soon Angelus, and that equally worthless childe of his Spike, would be gone. The Slayer would be no more, replaced with Dru's ideal warrior, one with the savagery and brutality created and nurtured by Drusilla's own hand. And then there was her little kitten, Dru smiled at the thought of the fierce shape shifter, so full of defiance and pride. It was those very traits that made her perfect as her Enforcer's mate, but she would have to be tamed first. Right now Willow was too strong willed, already biting at the collar that Dru would soon put around her neck. She would have to do something about that, Willow's 'humanity' would make it difficult to properly train her. To weed out those undesired 'human' traits, Dru would have to use other means to tame Willow, the child's mixed blood made it hard for the Vampire to manipulate her mind unlike the human Slayer. No a different approach would be necessary, perhaps she would use the Slayer to help tame her little kitten. Yes, that would be perfect. After all Willow was for Buffy anyway, a gift from Drusilla for all the Slayer's hard work in removing Angelus from power.

Chapter 4

Much later....

Willow seat in a quiet corner of the Bronze, well as quiet as it got in the youth club on a Wednesday night anyway, and silently cursed her decision to come back into town. The longer she spend in Sunnydale the more she hated it, maybe it was the evil radiating off the hellmouth, or maybe it was the over all cluelessness of the town's human populace. Whatever, the cause it was playing havoc with Willow's control. She usually didn't get this jumpy until around the full moon, when the effects of the moon's gravitational pull was at its strongest and her control over her shape shifting talent was at its weakest. However, since coming to this cursed little town, Willow has had to consciously maintain her human form, especially around a certain funny smelling sun-walker with golden hair and eyes that glowed from within. The same funny smelling sun-walker that was currently in the clutches of some hormone driven boy groping one another on the dance floor. 'Marco's right, it does look like some bizarre form of a mating ritual,' she thought forcing herself to remain in her little corner and not storm the dance floor to gut hormone boy for touching her life mate. 'Life-mate??? Where the hell did that come from?' Willow wondered, running a hand through her should length hair. Sure, if she was real honest with herself, she could admit that she found the blonde attractive......all right more then attractive. Something about the human called to Willow, and not just to her human half. No the call was also felt by her 'cat', her animal self that was growing restless, irritated at hormone boy draping himself all over 'her' mate. Gripping the sides of the table with both hands she fought to remain right where she was and not go over there and rip out hormone boy's heart and hand it back to him. As much as the action would appease her cat, she doubted that it would go over very well with the blonde. Her view of the dance floor was suddenly blocked when somebody stepped in front of her table.

Rupert Giles stood calmly before the young red head, who maintained a death grip on the table and just made what sounded like....a growl?? He had been quietly observing her for some time, watching her watch Buffy and her latest boyfriend over on the dance floor. Originally he had come to the Bronze to help Buffy fine tune her 'vamp-radar', as Xander insisted on calling it, but the Slayer seemed more interested in groping her current dance partner in front of the small Wednesday night crowd. Since the whole library incident and what Buffy told him about her dreams that morning, he was more than curious about the mysterious young woman. "Er, may I join you...Willow is it?" He asked once getting her attention.

'Huh?,' Willow thought wondering how he knew her name. She didn't sense any hostility from him, just curiosity and caution mostly, then she remembered him. "Ah sure," she said with a nod of her head, she didn't quite trust herself to let go of the table just yet. "You're the guy from the library. How do you know my name?" She questioned once he told the seat across from her, effectively blocking out the dance floor.

"This actually," Giles replied pulling out her class schedule form his jacket pocket. "You dropped it when you l-left earlier." He explained, handing over the slip of paper. "I gathered the books you'll need for class, they are waiting for you at the library with your backpack. I'm Rupert Giles the Librarian"

"Thank you. I was in kind of a hurry today." Willow replied with a small grin, after regarding Giles for a moment. The human, while on guard, didn't seem to be a threat, he was more curious about her then anything else she realized. She also sensed that he wanted something out of her, "So Mister Gi...." She stiffened suddenly, whatever she was about to say forgotten. She was on her feet faster then Giles could see, her eyes flashing in the dim light. He was even more startled by the low growl she emitted, "You need to leave! Take as many people as you can! NOW!!" She growled out, the tips of her fangs peeking out as she spoke.

For his part Giles remained frozen in his place at her outburst. He could see the fangs, but her face remained human, 'Just who or what is this child?' He wondered before another voice brought him out of his chair.

"Buffy!" The sadistic voice called out with way too much cheer over the music, bringing a stop to all activity in the Bronze.

"Angelus!" Giles cursed coming out of his seat and spinning around searching the room for the master vampire. He heard an answering growl beside him mirroring his own anger.

"You know THAT?!" Willow questioned in disgust, having spotted the Vampire over by the main entrance moving toward the dance floor. She never knew a human to associate with a leech willing, although from the librarian's scent it wasn't a pleasant association. 'Worry about that later.' She decided, her growls becoming a full-fledged roar of outrage as the vampire made his way to 'her' life mate. Willow didn't fight it as her control slipped away, her animal half becoming dominant. There was a leech, several of them in fact, in the same building as her life mate! Her cat called to her, outraged that such creatures dared to take up space near its mate. Such offenses would not go unchallenged, those damn things were going to die! 'And they better stay dead this time!!' She fumed moving toward Angelus, intent on ripping out some major organ and eating it.

Willow's roar startled even the vampires in the Bronze, they just weren't used to hearing something that 'fierce', the sound echoing throughout the room. Hairs stood on end and blood seemed to turn to ice as what sounded a little like someone in extreme pain seemed to cut everyone to the bone. Willow continued growling as she stalked toward Angelus, intent on sinking her fangs into the undead leech that stood in her path. Suddenly her path was blocked by one of Angelus's more adventuresome, or stupid depending on you point of view, minions. Without breaking stride she brings up her foot nailing the hapless minion right between the legs. As he crashes to his knees in pain, Willow is suddenly in front of him. Grabbing his head and pushing back to expose his throat, she latching onto his neck, sinking her fangs in deep, biting down hard and pulls. Realizing the minion with a shove, he is dust before he hits the ground. Blood dripping from her fangs, she growls warningly at Angelus.

Angelus had stopped in his track toward the Slayer at the initial roar from Willow. His own demon thrown momentarily by the savage sound, recovering quickly he looks around for the source of the sound outraged to be interrupted in his evening amusement. Then he spotted her as she stepped out of the shadows of one of the corners, a slim compact red head dressed in leather was headed his way growling at him. Him! The Great Angelus, master of Sunnydale! He watched in disbelief as she kicked one of his seconds in the groin and then proceeded to ripe out his throat. Angelus had never seen such a violent act, it turned him on. His demon lusted over the magnificent site of her kill, as an unholy light burned deep within her eyes. This was a predator, he acknowledged, all ready envisioning her at his side as he turned her lose on Sunnydale. Such a fiery little thing, but she wasn't a vampire. Whatever she was, she would soon be his. He vowed looking forward to bending her to his will.

Buffy was staring murderously at Angelus, all ready easing into a battle stance, when the roar cut through the air. The Slayer turned toward the sound instinctively knowing its source, momentarily forgetting about the master vampire heading her way. As Willow stepped out of the shadows, Buffy eyes widen in recognition. 'The girl from the dream.' She thought watching the way the red head moved toward Angelus. 'Like a tiger stalking it's prey.' The image came to her mind of a large reddish cat on the prowl looking for a kill. Buffy could feel her pulse rising as the vampire stepped into her path, she was about to intervene when the red head kicked him. The Slayer almost felt sorry for the vampire....almost. She watched in fascination as the leather clad woman tilted the vamp's head back and just ripped out his throat. Buffy couldn't explain the feeling of..... pride?!....she had at watching the vamp turn to dust. Much less the arousal she felt over seeing the blood stained fangs that seemed to lengthen as the red head growled at Angelus. 'This is too weird,' she thought forcibly refocusing her thoughts on the vampires surrounding them and not on the beautiful creature growling at Angelus. And most definitely not, thinking about what it would be like to kiss that blood drenched month. 'No, no bad Slayer'

"Hey Angel long time no see." Buffy taunted before sending a roundhouse kick to Angelus's head. That seemed to snap everyone out of the trance like state that had descended over everyone, as all hell broke lose in the Bronze......just another typical Wednesday night in Sunnydale. Between Buffy and Willow with the help of Giles and a few others they held there own against the vampires, the element of surprise long gone after the first growl.

Angelus howled in pain as Willow drew blood, leaving four parallel lines across the right side of his face. the master vampire knew he was fighting a losing battle, he couldn't believe how well the Slayer and the redhead minx worked together. They had cut through his minions like they were fledglings. He had to get out of there, before he ended up as dust himself. Grabbing one of his minions and throwing her into the approaching redhead he made his escape cutting out the back door. He paused for a moment to watch as the red head finished off the minion in the same fashion as before, although she seemed to take a bit longer to rip out the throat, almost as if she stopped to take a long drink after a strenuous workout. He felt himself harden at the scene, laughing to himself as he took off into the night. He had plans to make, he had to find out who that creature was and properly claim her. After all they had unfinished business to attend to, he thought bushing one of the bleeding cuts on his face with a finger before bring the now bloody finger to his lips. He almost didn't mind that he just lost several minions to that blonde bitch Slayer, almost!

Willow was ready to chase after the escaping vampire when Buffy grabbed a hold of her and spun her around. The cat growled warningly, not recognizing its mate at first, but then recognition. The two stared into each other's eyes for several long minutes, before Willow reached out and licked the side of Buffy's face with a purr and a happy little whistle. The Slayer was so stunned what she couldn't stop Willow as the redhead darted out the back into the night.

"What the hell was that???!!!" Xander broke the stunned silence having come up behind Buffy along with Giles.

And across town, at Dru's lair

The Vampire witch's laughter echoed throughout the empty corridors and rooms of the mansion as she watched her little kitten lick the Slayer's face. She was so proud of the both of them, they worked so well together, cutting through the weak minions of Angelus's with such savagery. "Oh how my little kitten behaved," Dru sang out, her voice carrying throughout the mansion. It had taken her all night to subtly direct Willow's thoughts, breaking down her resistance to her animal instincts. But it had worked, Willow had been just about ready to ripe apart the Watcher when Angelus had shown up!

But Angelus had seen her kitten's fire and wanted it for his own. 'No, no that just won't do,' Dru thought. 'I can't have Angelus touching her, I just about got her to come willingly to me. He'll only ruin all everything.' She fumed.

Chapter 5

"What the hell was THAT???!!!"

Xander's exclamation broke Buffy out of her state of shock, with a muttered curse she takes off after the redhead determined to get to the bottom of this whole weird mess. She had ran four blocks before the thought crossed her mind, 'Do I even know where I'm going?' Only to have the wind knocked out of her by a compact body slamming against her own. Crashing to the ground the two roll across the grass in a tangle of limbs, finally stopping a few feet away. Finding herself pinned to the ground by something setting on her chest, Buffy felt - rather then heard - the loud purring that seemed to originate from the figure holding her down.

"You're following me." Came a playful voice, the purring lowering to a steady hum; as the figure leaned closer to the flushed Slayer to get a better look at her face. Or rather to give the Slayer a better look at her, since Willow really didn't need all that much light to see her to begin with. "Can I keep you?" She asked after a moment her face lighting up with joy at her rather unusual find. The Slayer just felt "right" laying under her, although, all the blonde's struggles to throw her off where getting a bit tiresome. Willow wasn't sure why she had waited four blocks before doubling back around one ally to pounce on her life mate. A part of her, while annoyed at being follow, was thrilled beyond words that it was her life mate doing the following.

Buffy stopped her struggling at the odd question, unsure of her captor's intend, looking up she finds herself drawn into the green eyes carefully studying her form above. "Ahhhh, no." She replied honestly, noting that the redhead's eyes had lost some of their wildness, the beginnings of a human intelligence starring back at her.

Willow frowned at the reply, slowly coming back to herself after the fight in the Bronze, the stolen blood from her vampire victims having sated her cat's restlessness for blood but not other things. Leaning closer, Willow stares into the blue eyes under her for a long heartbeat before kissing her softly on the forehead. Buffy jumped a bit as the purring began to intensify after the first touch of lips to her forehead and jumped once more when those very same lips found her own. 'How can she purr and still kiss?' Buffy briefly wondered before all thought escaped her mind when Willow's tongue slipped past her lips and into her month. The Slayer's eyes widen as the purring got even louder as Willow's tongue danced across her own and she was positive she felt a soft caress down the front of her shirt.

Suddenly Willow pulled away from the kiss confusion clear in her eyes. "This isn't right, I shouldn't be setting on you, at least, not out in the open after dark. Too many chances for us to be interrupted if some stupid leech mistakes you for food." She said more to herself than to Buffy. "Where did THAT come from?" Willow questions, her eyes widening in shock. "If I let you up, do you promise not to run or try to hurt me? Because, I would really like to know what's going on here , and I have this feeling you would too because you don't look like someone who knows what's going on either. And I don't really feel like fighting any more tonight, well I DO, but I don't want to want to fight you, I just want to keep kissing you. I like your scent, its kind of funny smelling, but I really like it. And I want to get to know you better but I can't do that if we're fighting, it takes all the fun out, unless you like that sort of thing. Do you like that sort of thing? Either way, if you don't mind I'd like to skip over the fighting and go directly to the talking, before I have to do something to those two humans trying to sneak up on us? Because I think it would be a bad thing to hurt the school librarian, because I like librarians as a whole, they're real helpful when you need to look stuff up........and I'll shut up now." She finished realizing that she had been babbling. She hated when she babbled it usually meant that the cat in her had just did something really gross and/or violent, and the human in her was trying to make up for lost time while her psyche had been out to lunch so to speak.

Buffy looked up at her captor in stunned silence, her mind still blown away by the kiss, trying to piece together what the red head just said all the while wishing that she would just shut up and kiss her again. 'Bad, bad Slayer.' Buffy mentally chastised herself. 'I wonder what she looks like out of all that leather?' Shaking her head to clear it, she closes her eyes to try to collect herself. "All right, I promise not to run or fight you." Buffy said refocusing her eyes on the ones above her and tried not to groan as the figure moved off of her chest. "Who ARE you?" Buffy questioned as Willow calmly moved back a couple of steps, ready to bolt at any moment.

Willow smiled shyly in reply, feeling a lot calmer then she had been all day. Funny how killing something always seemed to calm her down. Well that and having her tummy rubbed, but she was "so" not going there at that moment, as images of the blonde Slayer scratching her stomach, in a hot tub, suddenly flashed through her mind. She could feel her cat stirring at the images, liking the idea of seeing the blonde naked - in or out of the hot tub - Willow's cat didn't care, just as long as the Slayer was naked. Willow could feel her control slipping as the urge to mate, to calm the human as her own, began to override reason. Killing the two advancing humans and handing their hearts to the blonde as a gift was beginning to seem like a really good idea. "Can we hold this conversation somewhere else?" Willow suddenly asked, barely keeping herself in human form. She had been honest when she said she didn't want to fight Buffy, and attacking the two humans would probably start a fight, and Willow could think of a whole lot more interesting things to be doing to the blonde at the moment. Things that involved a total lack of clothing. 'No! No! Bad, bad Willow.'

"Ah, yeah." Buffy agreed with a laugh. 'What a night,' she thought wanting to distract her new friend, the purring had been steadily rising almost becoming a growl there at times. 'She's pretty talkative when she's not growling at everybody.'

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