Lies, Secrets, and the Council
by Shadowlander
Part two of the Legacy series.
Special Author's Disclaimer: Kimber and Brother Patrick still belong to themselves and are used with permission. Kirby belongs to me and is also used with permission.
Author's Notes: Nothing major, Faith is still one of the good guys and still in Sunnydale working with Buffy and Giles. The hellmouth is still under the ruins of the high school library and Spike is still a diehard Billy Idol wannabe. Other than that, it's my own entire little universe.
Chapter 1

The large dark-haired biker walked into Willy's bar, making sure that the door slammed shut behind him, effectively getting the attention of the small crowd gathered there, hiding from the sun. "Which one of you refugees from hell, is William the Bloody-Useless?" the giant asked, removing his sunglasses and putting them into the inner pocket of his leather jacket. "Come now lads, I don't have all day," he added after a moment, a slow wicked grin forming on his face.

"Sod off you bleeding aristocratic wanker." Spike growled from his spot at the corner table in the back of the dimly lit room, where he had been nursing a bottle of whiskey for the past three days.

"Aristocratic?" the giant questioned, arching one dark eyebrow as he zeroed in on his quarry. "Billy, I'm proud of you...that 'word-a-day' calendar is coming in handy after all. And you were worried that you would never be able to pronounce any of the words. ...So tell me, did you actually sound the word out or have someone tell you?" he asked standing over the smashed vampire at the table.

Spike only growled in reply, sending the chair and table crashing to the floor as he suddenly stood, his eyes flashing yellow/gold as he stared up at the biker towering over him.

"How the hell are you, big brother?" the giant asked, mischief shining clear in his brown eyes as he calmly let the drunken vampire growl at him.

"Patrick, you worthless excuse for a demon, what are you doing in Sunnyhell?" Spike questioned after a moment, a wide grin spreading over his 'game' face as he threw his arms around the tall biker and tried to lift him off the ground.

"Got some business to take care of...thought I'd pay a visit to my big brother while I'm in town," Patrick replied, righting the table and pulling up a chair. "Word has gotten around about that chip in your head. Thought it was time for Mary's boys to have a family reunion. It just doesn't sit right with me, some crazy Yank putting a piece of metal in me favourite brother's head. Sounds too trekish," he explained giving himself a brief shake. He and Spike may not have seen each other in over a hundred years, not to mention having parted on less than friendly conditions, but in the end they were still brothers and some things were more important than who was more demon and who had a pesky soul or not.

"So G-man what is the big deal about this Reinhardt guy?" Faith questioned the former Watcher as she dropped onto the couch and made herself right at home by putting her feet up on the coffee table.

"Mattias and I trained together, in a lot of ways he was the reason I even completed training at all," Giles explained recalling the soft-spoken German from Stuttgart who liked to play chess no matter how bad he was at it. "If he wants to meet with us, it is important."

"I don't like it B...G-man is worried," the dark slayer noted in a low voice to the blonde seated on the arm of the chair not far from her. Usually the former Watcher would have given Faith and Buffy his patented "Watcher-look" for misusing his furniture.

A knock at the door interrupted whatever Buffy was going to say, all eyes turning toward the entryway as Giles went to greet whoever was on the other side. A moment later Giles returned leading a man with graying hair and two women.

"A-ah Mattias Reinhardt, I would like for you to meet Faith, Buffy, Anya, Willow and Xander," Giles began somewhat nervously. He had not been expecting his old friend to arrive with two others. He couldn't shake the feeling that something very bad was about to happen. Of course, he pretty much had that feeling from day one in the library, when he had first met Buffy Summers, and that had never since gone away.

"Nice to met all of you," Reinhardt replied, a small smile on his face. 'So this is the infamous Scooby Gang,' he noted silently, already liking the little group. "This is Professor Kimber Dracovich," he continued, indicating the tall redhead in the tailored dark suit. "And this is Kirby Ryn....the Vampire Slayer."

The silence that followed his announcement was near deafening, as Kirby stood with arms crossed and observed the gathering with a slightly cocked head. 'Mattias has got to be joking! Two of these guys are Slayers?' she wondered to herself. 'What the hell is so important about this town to rate two Slayers?'

"Fuck that!" Faith growled breaking the silence. "That is a Slayer?" she questioned, accusingly pointing a finger at Kirby. "You have got to be joking me."

"Funny...I had the same reaction when I heard about you," Kirby replied calmly. 'So this is number one, where is number two?' she asked herself studying the younger Slayer with an arched eyebrow.

"Mattias, what is going on here?" Giles suddenly spoke, snapping out of the state of shock he had fallen into at his old friend's words.

With a tired sigh, "It is very simple Rupert. Kirby here has been a Slayer for the past eleven years." Reinhardt replied looking the Englishman straight in the eye.

"But that is impossible. How could Buffy or Faith have been called if there was already an active Slayer?" Xander questioned, opening his mouth before his brain had a chance to process anything. "Shouldn't she be dead?"

"I got better," Kirby deadpanned. "As did one of these two from what I understand."

"You died," Willow said softly, her mind already working in high gear. "Of course, it makes sense...if Buffy could die and be brought back, why not another Slayer as well?"

'Ah number two..' Kirby noted with a small smile, giving the blonde a quick once over.

"But that doesn't explain why Kendra seemed so surprised when she showed up and found out Buffy was still alive," Willow continued more to herself then anyone else.

"That is what we are here for. To find that out," Kimber replied breaking into the young hacker's one-sided conversation. "You see up 'til three weeks ago, Kirby knew nothing of the two additional Slayers or of the hellmouth."

"The hell what?" Kirby looked around the room expectantly. "Come on, help the senior-Slayer out here? What the fuck is a hellmouth...and why wasn't I told another was called while I was in hospital?"

"The just that. It is the mouth of hell, a portal linking earth to the underworld." Giles explained taking his glasses off to polish them.

"I thought that was New Jersey?" Kirby commented, only to get smacked on the back of the head by an un-amused Jersey native named Kimber. Giving her friend a smug look, before turning her attention back to Giles, "Ok the town is over the mouth of hell. But that still doesn't explain why I was never told about another being called."

"Because you were needed in Europe."

"Those little bastards," Kirby growled running a hand through her shoulder length, unruly, curly hair. "They do know that slavery was abolished about a hundred fifty years ago, right?"

"That....that's just wrong," Willow replied, her eyes widening in realization. 'How can they have so little regard for people's lives? Use people they are supposed to be helping?' she questioned herself, growing angry as she began to pace the living room.

"Ah hello...confused guy here. You two want to let the rest of us in on whatever you're mad about?"

"Think about it Xander....the Slayer has just died and come back, another gets called. What do you do?" Willow asked her childhood friend, pausing in her restless pacing to collect herself.

"Oh fuck me. You take your new little chosen one and assign her to another hotspot, although you conveniently forget to tell your current chosen one, that she now has a twin."

"Well why bother? It's not like a Slayer ever needed a little backup from time to time. We're not THAT hard to replace," Kirby added bitterly.

"Now you know why we are here, mein freund," Mattias said to Giles. "It seems our Slayers have been 'screwed over', as they say, by the Council. What are we going to do about it?"

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