This page will have all the little tidbits I think you guys could know. Things such as where I live or how stupid I can be.
I'm male, about 1 meter 80 tall and my weight is 89 kilo. That would be, if I calculated correctly, about 190 pounds. And the only reason I'm telling you this now, is because my psychologist told me that I'm not overweight, just on the upper border of the norm.
I was born in California/USA in the year of 1981. For that I am at the moment 19 years old. Well almost, my birthday is on the 3rd July :-). Hey, wait a second. That is in less than a week. Now I expect you all to send me a congratulations mail, or at least sign my guestbook. USA
Currently I live in Austria/Europe, or as I prefer to call it: A small little hole in the middle of nowhere. Ok, ok, the place where I live isn't in the middle of nowhere, there is just not much going on here. Well either that, or Tirol doesn't have much interesting stuff for a 19 year old 'puter freak. Austria
I am, in case you haven't guessed it by now, cancer in zodiac signs. I don't really believe in this stuff, but I respect everyone who does. Cancer
I prefer to be called Quindo Ma or, if you want it shorter, simply Quin. This isn't my real name, that would be Martin, but I use if for everthing that isn't RL, so I'm used to it. And, besides, it't quite unique *g*. Just a last note about this, if you call me by my real name, I'm most likely gonna ignore you, 'cause as I said, I don't use it for anything else than RL.
More to come.
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